Gothenburg-Copenhagen on SAS Plus: a short hop under the snow

This short flight between Gothenburg and Copenhagen has above all the opportunity to fly on an ATR 42 and see beautiful winter landscapes.

Just arrived in Gothenburg and just left after a very short night. A short flight to Copenhagen on SAS from where I will leave (and I think this is the review that will interest you the most) on Singapore Airlines in Business Class to Singapore then Kuala Lumpur.

For the record here is the air routing of this trip.

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Check-in and ground course

I made my reservation on Singapore Airlines and this flight is a pre-routing flight to Copenhagen. The Asian airline offers a very nice auto check-in feature but for me it will only work for the return flight since I’m doing my first flight on SAS. There is still room for improvement in the integration of information systems. So I will have to check-in at the airport but since I also have a bag to check-in I would have had to go to the check-in counter anyway.

I will arrive at the airport several hours before boarding, i.e. in the early morning. One or two more hours of sleep wouldn’t have hurt me but you could read on my Frankfurt-Gothenburg review that my luggage was delayed the day before and that getting it back before leaving was a bit sporty.

So I arrived at the airport as soon as possible to find someone able to give me access to the room where the suitcases arrived late the day before were stored before they sent it by courier to my hotel that I had left…

All the story is told in my previous article I want to congratulate you Lufthansa that even if they are the cause of the delay have informed me perfectly proactively and have done the job and the SAS handler who closed her counter to help me find it and check-in before my departure this morning!

I’ve never been so happy to see my suitcase and it’s a nice change from those incompetent crooks at TAP. In theory I will pick it up tomorrow in Kuala Lumpur. In theory… (and you will see in the review that reality often differs from theory).


So I head to the check-in counter accompanied by my savior of the day. Since she reopens her counter on the occasion I am first in line.


I thank her again, we chat while she prints my luggage tag. She is surprised to see a Frenchman living in France with a Diamond status at SAS and thanks me… “I don’t think we have many”. I smile at that.

So I head to the security checks and take a last look at the check-in area.


There is almost nobody at this early hour and the controls which are usually very quick and friendly in Gothenburg are even more so this time! Really one of my favorite airports in this regard.

While waiting for the boarding I will relax and have a snack in the SAS lounge.


A few minutes before boarding I reach my gate.


I arrive at the exact time of boarding but there is no agent at the gate and the passengers are waiting quietly seated.


Although no delay is displayed, Flight Radar announces a 10-minute delay. In fact it is a 30/40 minutes flight operated with a small aircraft that is quick to board and the announced duration is one hour so they have a big buffer, they know it, and obviously the regular passengers do too.

Meanwhile I look at the winter landscape outside.


At least in Scandinavia they know how to manage winter issues and two snowflakes do not paralyze an airport. Everything is perfectly clear from early morning.

Our aircraft, an ATR 42, is arriving right now.


It is 9:20, we should have embarked at 9:10.

We eventually board by the tarmac.


Above all, try not to slip (don’t forget that because I didn’t get my suitcase yesterday, I’m still dressed as I was when I left Paris…)


And I finally get into the aircraft.

The cabin

Nice leather chairs in 2-2 configuration.


I travel in SAS Plus, which is the highest cabin available in medium-haul on SAS but corresponds more to a premium economy than a business class.

I am installed in the last rows. Error? No. Since the aircraft boards from the rear, SAS Plus customers are in the last rows to board and disembark first.

This is confirmed by this panel.


Safety instructions and buy on board menu are located in the seat pocket.



I look at the other passengers who finish boarding…


I check with my Airtag that my luggage is on board… everything is fine.

We are finally ready to leave.

The flight and the service

We take off very promptly after leaving our parking spot and, strangely, without de-icing.

The opportunity to appreciate the local countryside under the snow, something that has been rare in Paris for many years.


We finally get above the clouds and we see the sun. But considering the distance between the two cities it really won’t last long.


The service begins. In medium-haul on SAS in Economy, we are only entitled to a glass of water (except for Diamond customers who have the drink of their choice) and a rather minimal service with a lunchbox is served in SAS Plus. Today because of the duration of the flight we will have only one drink. It will be a coffee which will be… okay.


Hardly have I begun to drink mo, coffee that we descend again under the clouds… we see the Swedish coast before leaving it.


We fly over the inlet which separates Sweden from Denmark…


And here we are in Denmark.


Landing and arrival

We land very promptly in Copenhagen in an airport where no trace of snow remains and where it rains. We will go to park at a remote stand. In the distance, I can see the Singapore Airlines A350 that I will take in two hours.


Despite the delay at takeoff we are on time.

A bus comes logically to take us.


The journey will not be long and here I am in the corridors of the airport to reach the SAS lounge.


The continuation in the next episode.

The staff

What can I say about such a short flight? Quick and smiling.

Bottom line

An uneventful flight with a service on SAS even more minimalist than usual in medium-haul but considering the duration of the flight it is relatively logical.

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