Review : SAS Plus – Paris-Copenhagen, Airbus A320neo

After a disappointing experience on the ground that dampened my expectations, I left the lounge to board this flight to Copenhagen, an appetizer for a stay in my favorite city!


I go to the gate indicated on my card as well as on the screens, and the flight is announced on time. However, at the scheduled time, no aircraft at the gate, while the feeder flight did arrive on time. I suddenly see the handler’s teams packing up and heading to gate 65. The display changes and the flight will leave from this gate, without any change announcement.

Boarding priorities are respected, and SAS does not even allow the scanning of non-priority boarding passes at the beginning, which are automatically denied. Our national airline should copy.

I am however retained in the feeder a few minutes the time to finish the preparation of the cabin and to embark the disabled passengers.

Cabin and welcome

The welcome at the door is rather warm and I take my seat, in this case the 01C.

On intra-European routes, SAS no longer operates a Business class as such, but a well-designed Premium Economy class, which it calls SAS Plus, and which extends to the first ten rows.

The tenuous separation between SAS Plus and SAS Go on medium-haul routes
A very complete on-board package

As a result, the middle seat is theoretically not blocked. I will find on all my flights, however, that the first 4 rows are usually reserved for continuing business passengers on a long-haul flight, and the middle seat is blocked for them.

I like the Scandinavian tones that hem in the cabin, and the very elegant gray of the seats.

Service and catering

Distribution of hot oshibori before the service

As one can expect from its name, the catering remains basic, with a cardboard box containing a salad, but a very tasty one nevertheless.

The warm breads are a welcome addition to this salad.

The airline offers a wide range of drinks served in real glasses, although the cutlery remains plastic.

Coffee service is provided after the main service, and a box of excellent Scandinavian chocolates is provided.

Arrival and disembarkation

The arrival in Copenhagen will take place on time, and in contact. Note that the organization of this airport means that there is no real logic in the distribution of gates between the airlines, and that you can find yourself walking long distances.

Bottom line

A very good surprise, after a disastrous start at Paris CDG. The service is rather good, the catering is certainly of Scandinavian inspiration but rather qualitative. In short, an experience that can be envisaged even on medium-haul flights.

For the record, my routing :

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
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