Editorial policy and ethical charter

Travelguys is a site where we tell about our travel experiences, as we have lived them.

As a result:

Unless otherwise stated, all the experiences described on this blog (airplane, hotel, restaurants) have been fully paid by the authors without any compensation from the businesses concerned (excluding benefits related to loyalty programs and commercial gestures that would be applicable to any customer).

We do not work with any form of advertising agency or influencer agency.

Our goal is not to make one euro with TravelGuys. We have real jobs that allow us to afford our trips without having to beg the hoteliers and airlines. This blog is the result of our lifestyle and our passion, it is not a goal in itself.

We do not accept sponsored articles written by a third party. If you want us to talk about you, we will have to test your product under objective conditions.

We do not accept any form of compensation from third parties.

We do not claim to be influencers but frequent travelers, informed and knowledgeable.

We assume that what is free has no value and therefore cannot be discussed objectively.

If by chance you realize that we are in your property:

We are always ready for a guided tour of the hotel and its facilities, an interview with a manager, to be put in the best conditions to make beautiful videos and photos.

However, if you still wish to invite us to test your product, please note that :

We will say explicitly what we have not paid.

We will publish our review objectively and without any right of review on your part.

Should the experience prove to be catastrophic, we may consider not writing anything at all, but provide you with a confidential note on why we prefer to keep this experience quiet.

If you really want to talk to us after that, the contact form is here.