Zurich-Paris on Swiss in Business Class: more time on the ground than in the air but proactive crew

A very common flight on Swiss that should not have raised any comments if we had not lost more than an hour on the ground and if the crew had not turned this problem into an opportunity to surprise the passengers!

Last flight of these vacations in Australia and as much as I like to fly, the last straight line seems to me long and I want to be quickly at home. Logical after all: many hours of flights, lounges and at the end of itineraries and well known airlines so curiosity and discovery are no longer there. It’s back to “business as usual” so it’s time to go home.

My air routing: that’s miles!

You will find at the bottom of the page the list of all the articles related to this trip in Australia.

Ground experience and lounge

As soon as I disembarked from the flight from Stockholm I went to the Senator lounge in the Schengen area of Zurich airport, which we have already presented in detail.


I quickly take a look at the buffet but I have already eaten too much since my departure from Sydney.


As often the lounge is already full but today I don’t want to sit in the central part of the lounge.


I will go to the part located on the mezzanine, a quiet area where food is forbidden.

There are armchairs with a view of the lounge.


A more cosy lounge area.


And seats to relax where I will sit.


A little more than an hour of relaxation before taking my flight to Paris. Relaxation but be careful not to fall asleep and miss my connection.


In terms of relaxation, it’s a bit of a failure at first. The person occupying the next cubicle spends his time making phone calls (which is not allowed in this part of the lounge) and quite loudly. After about ten minutes a staff member will come and explain to him that either he stops or he leaves the lounge. He will leave shortly after with an offended face.

The clock is ticking and it’s time to get on board. I take a look at the screen where the flights are displayed: mine is well scheduled on time but the number of the boarding gate lets me guess a boarding by bus. I didn’t need that.


When I arrive at the gate, the boarding has already begun, a little before the scheduled time, which is obviously quite frequent here when one boards by bus.


There is no respect of the priorities but when one embarks by bus that does not have absolutely no importance except if the airline sets up a separate bus for the business class, which is not the case here.

Our bus is waiting for us.


We arrive at the foot of our A220.


We will have to wait a few more minutes to be allowed to board.

The cabin

There is the usual Swiss medium-haul cabin, but with a specific seat for the A220.


The pitch is good but was better in my memory.


Swiss has chosen to equip its A220 aircraft with mini screens to display geovision and flight information.


A bottle of water and a disinfectant wipe are waiting for me on the central seat which will of course be neutralized.


To my great regret, this cabin does not offer a power outlet to recharge my phone whose battery is beginning to look bad.

Everyone has boarded and we are ready to go.

The flight and the service

Well, no! Ground staff are missing and not all bags are loaded. I take the opportunity to locate mine thanks to its airtag: it is well there. At least no “TAP-like” problems to expect upon arrival.

We will wait 20 minutes. At this moment we lost our takeoff slot so it will be a total of 1 hour delay on the ground.

But the staff will demonstrate common sense: they decide to start serving drinks on the ground and chocolates are distributed.

Champagne !


Customers are pleasantly surprised and take it well. I’ll even get a second glass.

On the other hand I wonder if my battery will last until the end of the flight so I will limit myself to the essential photos.

We eventually leave.

The service starts quickly and the trays are brought to us.

Weird to mix orange and ham but finally it is fresh and good. Since I’m really tired of flying, I’m glad it’s light and fresh.

Same comment for the chocolate mousse which covers a passion fruit mousse.

The time to doze a little we begin our descent.

The staff

Very professional and friendly, great idea to have taken the initiative to start the service on the ground. This is not the case everywhere, even when there is a big delay.

Even the announcements were relaxed, which avoids adding stress to the passengers.


The descent will be especially the occasion to make some beautiful photos and this more especially as we will land facing the east what imposes a loop in the north of Paris.

Roissy seen from above.


Then Le Bourget.


The west of Paris and La Défense.


Le Bourget again.


And we reach the terminal 1 of Roissy without any problem

Bottom line

A flight which had everything to be insignificant but a big delay at the departure which instead of being a bad memory was the occasion to appreciate the initiative and the kindness of the crew.

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