Gothenburg-Zurich on Swiss in business class: good as usual

This is the last step of a long journey that took me through Sweden, Turkey and Mexico in less than a week: the return to Paris. It will be via Zurich with Swiss in business class.

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Check-in and ground experience

It is at dawn that I leave theGothia Towers to join the airport of Gothenburg Landvetter. It is dark and not very hot, especially since I was in Mexico 24 hours earlier, but at least it does not rain.


Guess what: on a Sunday morning at 7am the airport is almost empty.


Except at TUI….surely a morning charter.


An amusing detail is that I was here exactly one year ago, first visit of the city after an express connection before the COVID. I didn’t expect to come back 3 times in 12 months.

In short, the registration is done in a record time and I go through the security controls. In general in Gothenburg it is fluid and it goes quickly. Even faster in fast track.

This is the queue that awaits me.


2 minutes later after a control always rather “relaxed” here and some casual chats with the staff, I head to the lounge not without having once again given an excellent rating to my experience.


The SAS lounge being still closed I fall back on the Vinga lounge.

As during my last visit, it is rather pleasant and all the more so as it is empty. The catering offer is correct without more.


Still better than nothing to wait.

In the distance I see my bird of the day waiting for me.


The lounge is starting to fill up and some people are already drinking beer. So be it.

It is time to go to the boarding gate. The walk is fast and the corridors of the terminal are empty.


As soon as I arrived, the boarding started. Excellent timing.



A glance outside makes me realize that the aircraft is not in contact with the jetwayand that I will have to walk. At least it doesn’t rain.


The boarding priorities are respected and I am one of the first to go down on the tarmac. The opportunity to immortalize our A220 up close.


And here I am in the cabin.

The business cabin of the Swiss A220

I have already shown you this cabin several times.

It is in 2-3 configuration. The aisle seats on the side of 2 and the center seat on the side of 3 are of course neutralized.


The cabin, quite premium, makes a nice impression. On the other hand I found the seat harder than in my memory. An effect of waking up too early and sleeping too short?

I’m in row 1 and have a little less room to stretch out my legs than if I could put them under the front seat but it’s still very decent.


Of course this has nothing to do with my Turkish Airlines flight of the day before.

A look outside makes me appreciate the priority boarding: it avoids waiting in the cold outside.


Everyone finally boards and we are ready to leave.

The business class cabin will be well crowded: we will be 12 on 6 rows for a maximum of 18.

The flight and the service

Safety instructions are displayed on the mini-screens. Swiss has chosen to equip its A220s with them, unlike Air France.


We take off and quickly say goodbye to the Swedish countryside.


I set up in preparation for the service: the neutralized seat hosting my Ipad as an IFE.


The meal finally arrives.


The bread and croissants are warm and do not suffer from the “chewing gum effect”.

The pizza/quiche is pretty good but not hearty enough.

I will pair it with tea and a glass of sparkling water…others are already on champagne or red wine.

A very good performance all in all, but that maintains me in my idea that the breakfast is the poor relation of catering in planes. If you look, for example, what Swiss served me at lunch time between Zurich and Stockholm, there is a significant difference.

As usual, all this ends with a (good) chocolate.


I try to finish my night on the remaining flight time by enjoying the landscape.


I would like to take this opportunity to praise the comfort and silence of this successful A220.

Landing and arrival in Zurich

We begin our descent and after the crossing of the thick cloudy layer we touch the ground in Zurich where I find the rain that I had avoided in Gothenburg.


We head for the terminal where we will park next to an Iberia.


All that’s left is for me to disembark and, for my part, to go and wait for my flight to Paris at the lounge.

The Crew

The spitting image of Swiss: efficient, present and available, warm just as needed without being familiar.

Bottom line

Good service on this Swiss flight even if I regret that the breakfast is not up to the level of the meals served at other times of the day. And special mention for the comfort and silence of the A220.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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