Zurich-Paris in business Class on Swiss: in line with what is expected

Last flight of this long month break: the final return to Paris from Zurich on Swiss in Business Class.

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And the air routing of this trip

Ground path and lounge

As soon as I get off the flight that takes me from Gothenburg, I head for the living room. As on the way there, the sanitary restrictions “clog” the entrance a little, but this time I will be able to get in.


I will not present the lounge in detail because I have already presented this Senator lounge in Zurich here.

The offer is always as substantial, both in terms of dishes (with a service of hot dishes on the plate on request) and drinks.


On the other hand, COVID or not, one thing does not change : this lounge fills up really quickly, especially in the “catering” area, especially since part of its tables have been amputated to enforce social distancing. social. And the few free tables belong to people queuing at the buffet.


I will therefore have to exile myself to a standing table on the smoking terrace to eat . Luckily the weather has nothing to do with what I experienced in Gothenburg that morning…


Fortunately my correspondence was short because the conditions were not optimal. A coffee later I head for the boarding gate.


Boarding has just started when I arrived at the gate. The Zurich-Paris flights are unique in that, given the number of customers who use them , there are more people in the priority queue than in the normal queue.

Finally I am one of the last to access the cabin but everything happened in order and respecting boarding priorities.

The cabin of the A220 Swiss

Here we find a well-known product, since it accompanied me over the past few days from Paris to Zurich, then from Zurich to Stockholm.

A sober leather cabin and a 3-2 configuration.


Contrary to companies like Air France which do not neutralize a seat on the blocks of 2 seats, Swiss does it and it is all the same appreciable (even essential) in this class of travel.

The seat is a ZIM Unique which I find quite comfortable. In any case, at least than the new Gevens that we see arriving on the A320s from Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian and more than the old NEKs that fitted these aircraft.


The legroom is very good for my 1m88.


Unlike Air France, Swiss has chosen to equip its A220s with mini screens that broadcast safety instructions and geovision. This may seem trivial, but it positions the product differently: it’s more premium to see the instructions displayed on a screen than to see the crew members gesticulating in the aisle. And let it be said, even on medium haul, the passenger likes to follow the course of the aircraft.


On this flight there will be 8 rows of business and all the seats will be occupied…. when I tell you that the Zurich-Paris is a bit special in terms of attendance.

We are ready to leave, on time.

The flight and the service

We push back, saying goodbye to the Swiss family lined up along the terminal.


After a short taxi we line up for takeoff.


Very quickly the service begins and the tray is served.


A platter that I would describe as simple but effective…even if the fish was perhaps a little too smoky and salty for my taste . Starter and dessert will be correct.


The staff will come back twice to offer us drinks, appreciable on a short flight.

It is already time to prepare for landing.

Landing and arrival in Paris

The sky is more overcast when we discover Ile de France than when we left Switzerland.


We landed on the doublet of southern tracks which earned us a “little” taxi until 2D. The opportunity to see a beautiful bird again..


A SAS arrives at the parking lot next door at the same time as us.


There will be a delay before being allowed to leave the cabin due to a medical emergency and a priority passenger.

Direction follows the baggage carousel where I will wait, wait and wait again. Obviously there is a delivery problem but no announcement is made and nothing is displayed.


While we arrived at our parking point at 1:38 p.m. baggage delivery will start at 1:33 p.m. and I will receive my suitcase at 2:35 p.m. ! Roissy is generally bad when it comes to baggage delivery times, but here we are reaching new heights and, of course, without any communication. The company has nothing to do with it, but for the passenger the result is the same.

The staff

Friendly and efficient staff who will be present throughout the flight to offer new beverage services.


A solid performance on this flight, nothing exceptional but just what we expected from Swiss. An experience tarnished by time waiting for luggage at Roissy.

Bertrand Duperrin
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