Zurich Paris in Business Class on Swiss: good and flawless

Last flight of this trip which led me to Mexico through Sweden and Turkey, the Zurich-Paris flight which will be done on Swiss in business class.

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Ground experience

Just disembarked from the flight which brings me from Gothenburg I go to the Senator Lounge of the airport. The access of the lounge is restricted because of the COVID but I will manage to get in.

This lounge is very nice but as you may have read when I reviewed it in detail it is small andit is often difficult or impossible to find a seat at peak times. This will be the case today.


I will manage to settle down in a recess with a glass of water. I am not hungry, I have two flights in which I will have the opportunity to eat during the day and I do not have long to wait for my connecting flight.

I will not linger, my flight is about to board.


I head to the gate and arrive just in time for the start of operations. The boarding priorities are respected and I am among the first to enter the cabin.


The cabin of the A220 Swiss

We find there a cabin from now on well known with its ZIM Unique seat specific to the A220 of Swiss, the A320 abandoning their traditional NEK for a Geven Essenza.


Premium appearance and a little more “mellow” than the old NEK.

The cabin is in a3-2 configuration and I am on the “2” side, in a window with, of course, the neighboring seat neutralized. A bottle of water and a refreshing towel are already waiting for me.


Although new it is seen that the seat begins to have the mark of the posterior of its previous occupants.

The pitch for the legs is more than comfortable.


Swiss has chosen to equip its A220s with a small screen that displays safety instructions and geovision, among other things. On the other hand, Air France has chosen the tablet holder which allows you to use your iPad as a real screen. If I had to choose…I would have liked both.

No power outlets or USB at Swiss either. It’s a pity.


Legroom is good, but you’re less comfortable in row 1 because you can’t put your legs under the front seat.


There will be 5 business class rows on this flight, that is 15 passengers. And the cabin will be full as often on this route.

Some COVIDish paperwork is distributed to us.


The boarding ends and we will push back on time.

The flight and the service

As we move away from the terminal we say goodbye to the other birds of the family.


We drive to align as ( almost) always on runway 28 before we take off.


Very quickly the curtain of separation of the business class is drawn and the service will begin.

My tray is quickly brought to me.


Very good for a one hour flight. The bread is warm, the fish good, the seasonings just right.


We are already almost at our destination and a glance through the window confirms me that the descent begins.


Landing and arrival in Paris

We land on the south doublet facing east.


We disembark without problems and I find myself waiting 30 minutes in front of the carousel. An all-too-familiar refrain at CDG.


In the meantime I watch my bird of the day through the glass doors…it’s crazy that luggage takes so long to cover such a short distance. Between the 2E M and K I understand but here…

I’m finally ready to go home. Or almost.

Because of the COVID, Ubers are not allowed at 2D and I don’t have the reflex to cross to go to 2A. So I start a long walk to 2F to see an impressive queue for cabs.


I tell myself that getting a Uber will be hell…well no. He will arrive 5 minutes later.

The service

Nothing to report, as always with Swiss: fast, efficient and smiling.

Bottom line

Another uneventful flight on Swiss. It is regrettable that the lounge is so quickly saturated in Zurich, that the luggage always arrives so late in Paris (but this is not their fault) and that there are no power outlets on their A220.

For the rest nothing to say.

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