TAP Executive, Boston Logan – Lisbonne Portela, Airbus A321LR NEO : Still minimum service

After two hours in this excellent lounge (sic!), I let my wife wait for her flight to London while I join the terminal C, accessible airside from the terminal E.

As a reminder, here is the itinerary followed:

1DiaryWeekend in Boston
2LoungeLufthansa Senator Lounge, London Heathrow T2
3LoungeUnited Club, London Heathrow T2
4LoungeAir Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, London Heathrow T2
5LoungeSingapore Airlines Silver Kris Lounge, London Heathrow T2
6FlightTAP Executive, London Heathrow – Lisbon Portela, Airbus A321NEO
7FlightTAP Executive, Lisbon Portela – Boston Logan, Airbus A321LR NEO
8HotelThe Langham, Boston
9LoungeAir France Lounge, Boston Logan Terminal E
10FlightTAP Executive, Boston Logan – Lisbon Portela, Airbus A321LR NEO
11LoungeTAP Executive Lounge, Lisbon Portela
12FlightTAP Executive, Lisbon Portela – London Heathrow, Airbus A321NEO
Today’s itinerary


I arrive at gate C17 about 1 hour before boarding. The aircraft is already at the gate, and the departure is announced with 15 minutes of delay.


After about ten minutes of waiting, the boarding of passengers with reduced mobility begins, followed by the Premium passengers. I will be the first of these passengers. Before entering the gate, an initial identity check takes place, followed by a scan of the boarding pass at the gate.


I am the first to board.


Cabin and reception

When I arrived at the door, the welcome was rather warm.

The cabin is well fitted, but no amenity kit on my throne seat located in row 2. Problem corrected immediately by the flight attendant who brings me one from row 1.


As usual on TAP, no welcome drink even though the number of people coming and going in the aisle is impressive. Another budget cut?


I quickly realize that the cleaning was approximate, splashes remain on the left of my “throne”.


Also, the shelf is wobbly and not horizontal. Strangely my meal did not fall afterwards…


We are already beyond the theoretical departure time, and still no explanation of the delay.


Finally, the captain took the floor and announced a very short flight of 5h50, and a delayed departure due to the curfew imposed because of the noise.


Service and catering

Just after take-off, the menus are distributed. The order is taken first (but I feel like the Non-Rev got it first) and I am asked if I want to be awake the next day.


The first service begins with a distribution of hot oshibori.


The tablecloths are then affixed to the shelves, but are a bit too small for the meal.

The duck was excellent in combination with the figs, but not with this kind of sweet sauce.


The fish was beautifully cooked, and the mashed potato was very good, not too much sauce.


The bread was also very good, not stale and served hot.

Then comes the second service with the cheese/dessert trio, and the cheese was good too, better than on AF! The fruit was also good but some was still frozen, as was the ice cream.


I will sprinkle all this with port, excellent as it was on the outward journey.


After 4 good hours of sleep, I wake up at H-45 while the PDJ is already served.


A proposal for coffee is made by the head of the cabin at H-20 after a visit to the bathroom.

Arrival and disembarkation

We will land with 5 minutes delay and will be in contact with the terminal. Unlike the arrival from London, we will arrive in the arrivals area and I will have to go through a security check again.


Bottom line

An average flight more in terms of service, and the hard product is still as good.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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