Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde Rouen: a fine experience in a historic building

The Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde in Rouen is ideally located in a historic building in the city center. It offers top-level services, even if some points need to be improved or corrected.

I didn’t have much choice when it came to booking: the Hôtel de Bourgtheroulde is the only Marriott hotel in Rouen. It’s part of the Autograph Collection chain, which we like very much: these are independent hotels with their own style and personality. The advantages of a chain and the charm of independents.

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I booked my room a month before my arrival. I had a choice between a standard room and a “modern” room. The standard one seemed a little too “authentic” (an elegant way of saying old-fashioned), so I opted for the modern one. The normal rate is 260 euros per night, but a good corporate rate makes it possible for me to have it at 140.

Location of the hotel

The hotel is located in the historic city center, in a pedestrian zone. You’re just a 15/20-minute walk from most of the city’s sights and the train station.

Check-in and arrival at the hotel

I check in online the day before my arrival and get up in the morning to find that I’ve been upgraded to a privilege room. I check and there’s no suite available in the inventory anyway.

Once I arrive at the station, I walk to the hotel in just fifteen minutes, even though I have a suitcase to drag along.

The facade of the hotel, a listed historic monument, is truly superb.


I enter the inner courtyard, which also houses the hotel’s bar terrace.


Really superb.

And at night it’s just as beautiful…


I go to the reception. The stairs I have to climb with my suitcase to get to the entrance of the building are certainly not best practice in terms of accessibility.

Inside, there’s a complete change of scenery. It’s very modern and pretty, as we’ll confirm later when we talk about the bar.


The hotel, its public areas and corridors are decorated with modern works of art…or rather copies, but it doesn’t matter.


Here I am at the reception desk.


It’s crowded in front of me and there’s no dedicated line for Elite members of the loyalty program. So I wait… And as each agent accompanies the customer he has checked-in to his room I had to wait for another to come back and replace him, which takes a little time. Not too much, but a little.

It’s finally my turn.

The welcome is really very good. The agent is super friendly, thanks me for my loyalty, points out my upgrade, reminds me of the benefits I’m entitled to and offers to escort me to my room. He will also confirm the late check-out I had requested online to keep my room until my train leaves.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been welcomed like this!

The room

Getting to the room is a bit tricky. As these are old buildings, there are half-landings and stairs, which is not very pleasant with a suitcase, but the agent will offer to carry my suitcase for me.

The bedroom opens onto a tiny entrance…in which is a closet and the entrance to the toilet.


A few steps later, there’s a bedroom on the right and stairs on the left leading to the bathroom.


The bed will prove super comfortable and the bedding super pleasant.

Although wide and perhaps lacking a little depth, the room is spacious.

As for the design, you’ll understand what I meant by “authentic” when I originally booked and why I chose a room with a more modern design. Not that I don’t like this one, but I’m not particularly sensitive to it, unlike others, and I’m not a fan of excessive woodwork.

There’s also a handy lounge/office area.


The large desk (something that is becoming increasingly rare) will be very pleasant to work at.

While I’m not a fan of wood panelling, I love bare stone, especially with its carvings.


The TV may be a little small by today’s standards, but I don’t see how they could have fitted a bigger one.

The view of the inner courtyard and the cathedral in the distance.


I climb the few steps to the bathroom.


It’s large and pretty.


The shower is pleasantly large.


I like Lalique products a lot…


The only negative point is that it’s not closed by a door, which can be uncomfortable for chilly people after a morning shower. Don’t forget to use the auxiliary heater…

Last but not least, the minibar will be well-stocked.


However, it will not be restocked during the 3 days of my stay.

If a Nespresso machine and coffee are available free of charge, I won’t find a kettle or tea…

To end, some delicious caramels were waiting for me with a nice handwritten note.


In the end, it will be a very pleasant room in which I’ll have an excellent stay. One can discuss the layout and style, but one must also take into account the constraints of a historic monument where one is not allowed to do whatever one wants in terms of work.

Some will like it, others won’t, but given its location it’s certainly one of the property’s most typical rooms.

Let’s end with the traditional video tour.

Bar and restaurant

The hotel has a bar and restaurant. I will not try the restaurant: you can eat very well outside the hotel and its online ratings and reviews were not very appealing.

The bar, meanwhile, is located in the hotel lobby, occupying the central area. And I find it simply superb!


The atmosphere will be very pleasant, with live music for the aperitif and part of the evening. Harp one night, jazzy the next.

I won’t go into the details of a very rich menu with a fine collection of whiskies, classic cocktails and seasonal signature cocktails and others that highlight local produce.



Finally, a word about the staff. At first I would have told you that the service was long, very long. But that was just the warm-up time.

The barman is really friendly, passionate about his job, knows his products well and is extremely competent! The cocktails were perfectly executed and accompanied by a pleasant plate of nibbles.

Epice Pear

Busnel Calvados, chili-infused white rum, turmeric-infused cointreau, pear juice, orgeat syrup. lemon juice
An excellent, hearty Bloody Mary

It was a pleasure to spend my aperitifs and late evenings there, chatting with him and his assistants.

A really pleasant bar that deserves to attract a clientele beyond that of the hotel. Knowing that I’m generally very picky about hotel bars, this one deserves a mention.


The hotel features a spa, a swimming pool and a gym. All three are located in the basement of the hotel.

The spa

I won’t be trying any of the treatments, but I’ll try the sauna. Everything is clean and in perfect condition.


As usual, photos of the hammam are useless because of the steam.



In a single word: superb!

It’s said to be the largest private swimming pool in Haute-Normandie. The only thing I can tell you is that the only indoor pool I’ve seen that’s superior to it in France is the one at Heliopic in Chamonix (although the Spa at Heliopic is incomparable by comparison…).



The gym is lovely, located right by the pool.


And that’s the only positive thing about it.

Small, poorly equipped, everything crammed in together, and a rather unpleasant humid heat (the proximity of the pool?).

One final general point: some parts of the hotel look a little worn, neglected and old-fashioned compared to the rest.

The hotel has beautiful common areas, as you can see, with beautifully decorated landings.


On the other hand, the elevators are a thing of the past, and the noise they make makes you wonder whether you’ll get to your destination safely.


As for the laundry trolleys stashed behind a folding screen in a nook next to an elevator…it looks neglected.

The service

Excellent! Lovely and very professional staff.


I’ll do my (late)check-out on the mobile app and leave without having to go through reception again.

Bottom line

A most pleasant stay in a beautiful property with a unique setting and excellent service…even if a few details could still be improved.

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