Paris-Rouen in TER Nomad, 1st class: really good for a regional train!

The train is still the most convenient way to get to Rouen from Paris, and even though these are regional trains, the product on offer is pleasantly surprising.

When it came to organizing my weekend, I didn’t have much choice but between two means of transport: train or rental car. For reasons of convenience and cost, I chose the train. And because Rouen is so close to Paris, it is served by regional trains, which are slower and supposedly less comfortable than mainline trains or TGVs (High Speed Trains).

So between two long-haul flights in business class or a train journey in Trenitalia’s prestigious Executive class, here we are in a TER!

Less attractive but no less interesting.

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I booked a month in advance for a fare of around 50 euros return in first class. Unbeatable!

However, like me, I advise you to use the Trainline application and not the horrible sncfconnect website and its extremely complicated user experience (and I’m being polite).

Arrival at the station

I arrive at the St Lazare station early, too early, just over an hour. A bad habit I’ve picked up on planes and airports, where I’m used to waiting in lounges.

I haven’t been to St Lazare for years.


I still find this station a bit of a mess.


The departure schedule…a change from long-haul flights.


I’ll pass the time as best I can while waiting for the platform announcement, 20 minutes before departure.


When the platform is announced, it’s a mad dash to the gantries where tickets are scanned. The gantries themselves are slow to scan tickets, and customers have to try several times to get their QR code to read properly, all of this being rather unresponsive.

And since the passengers themselves are a bit disorganized, it all makes for a merry mess.

Once through the gantry, I head for my car, again in a bit of chaos.

Once I’d found my car, things weren’t much better… the way was jammed, people got into the wrong car and backed up while others wouldn’t let them pass… it was all a bit lacking in calm and good manners.

Plus I’m on the second deck. A good idea, in my opinion, for more peace and quiet, but certainly not the best in terms of accessibility on a bank vacation departure day.

I’m finally in my seat!

The cabin

The cabins are logically separated from the platforms by automatic doors.


A staircase takes me upstairs.


The interior is pretty nice for a regional train, and there are duo and solo seats, some facing each other.


As far as I’m concerned, I’ve got a solo seat isolated at the end of the car, in a recess, peace and quiet guaranteed.


There are foot rests.


No idea what it’s for, but if it’s for putting your phone on to watch a video, it’s well thought out.


My seat is equipped with two sockets…not at all easy to find at first unless you contort your body.


There’s also wifi…which works pretty well, as long as you don’t ask too much of it. Avoid HD streaming…


Of course, there’s no car bar or catering service, but there are two vending machines.

Frankly, I didn’t expect so much from such a train, and I’m pleasantly surprised.

The trip

Not much to say, except that once we left Paris we had a beautiful view of La Défense.


The ticket inspector will come by early enough to check tickets and will be extremely friendly and smiling.

I’ll be comfortably settled in for this short trip and consume a few episodes of my current series to keep myself occupied. The tablet is a decent size, but limited for a somewhat bulky computer.


Seen from my seat, the cabin is very airy.



We will arrive in Rouen a few minutes behind schedule. A certain number of us will disembark, but only a minority since the train goes to Le Havre.


But this small crowd was enough to clutter up the stairs to the station concourse.


Bottom line

A short and pleasant trip, if I omit the chaotic boarding. A well thought-out product anyway.

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