Renfe Avant Turista, Seville-Cordoba: Simple and efficient

During our stay in Seville, we chose to visit Cordoba for a day. A look back at a very simple journey from Seville.

As a reminder, here is the booked itinerary:

1FlightIberia Business, Paris Orly – Madrid Barajas, Airbus A320
2FlightIberia Business, Madrid Barajas – Palma de Mallorca, Airbus A320
3HotelThe St. Regis Mallorca Mardavall
4FlightAir Europa Economy, Palma de Mallorca – Seville, Boeing 737
5HotelHotel Alfonso XIII Sevilla, a Luxury Collection Hotel (after Bertrand’s visit)
6TrainRenfe Avant Turista, Seville-Cordoba
7TrainRenfe AVE Turista Plus, Cordoba-Seville
8FlightIberia Business, Paris Orly – Madrid Barajas, Airbus A320
9LoungePlaza Mayor Lounge, Madrid Barajas T4
10FlightIberia Business, Madrid Barajas – Paris Orly, Airbus A321
Today’s itinerary

Purchase and booking

I made our reservations at the very beginning of our stay in Majorca. So it was an early departure and a return to Seville at around 6pm, for €64 return for two in Turista class.


We take an Uber from the Alfonso XIII hotel to the Santa Justa train station. The station is quite far from the historic center, about a 40-minute walk.

There are plenty of cabs in front of the station
The station is fairly modern
As you can see, there are plenty of people around.
The departures board is not very full
Luxury, calm and voluptuousness
In front of the platform accesses is another FIDS, this time by destination.

In Spain, a security check is compulsory before boarding the train: a simple X-ray check of luggage. No metal detection for passengers.

X-ray inspection is carried out on each platform

The train will take 15 minutes to set up after we arrive at the platform, and then we’ll be able to access it after the cleaning operations.

The train is set up quickly
The train is set up quickly


The cabin is fairly new, but quite basic. There are no Turista Plus or Preferente classes on board this regional high-speed train.

The train is bound for Granada
The cabin is basic but clean
The seats look new

The train’s progress can nevertheless be followed on screens.

The train has accessible toilets in every car
It’s all very clean

Service and catering

On these rather short trains (4 cars), there’s no bar car, no mobile vending, and even less service included.

Arrival and disembarkation

We arrive in Cordoba after a 50-minute journey, and perfectly on time. Disembarkation goes smoothly.

Cordoba station has the same design

Bottom line

A very simple journey, but with unrivalled comfort and speed.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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