Review : AC Hotel Ciudad de Sevilla

During a trip to Seville I stayed in two hotels: the AC Hotel Ciudad de Sevilla and the Alfonso XIII. I might as well tell you right away that the Alfonso XIII was my first choice but for the first night its rate was prohibitive as well in euros as if I had paid with my points so I took the AC, less expensive, for one night before “moving”.

Location of the AC Hotel Ciudad de Sevilla

It takes less than 20 minutes by car from the airport.

On the other hand, the hotel is in a not very interesting area and more than 2km from the city center. You will have to walk a long way or take a bus or cab to reach most of the tourist sites.

The electric scooters that are proliferating in the city can also be a solution.

For the same reason there are not many places to dine in the neighborhood (although I will find a very nice and cheap table nearby).


I had used a “Suite Night Award” for this stay. Not that I really wanted to, especially since my titanium status guaranteed me a check-in suite if one was available, but I had too many awards left to use by the end of the year.

The price seemed a bit high for this range, so I “paid” the room with my points.

A few days before my stay I will receive a message from the hotel telling me that the request was denied. At this point I conclude that the hotel must be full.

Arrival at the hotel

The hotel is in a beautiful old building.


It is in fact composed of two buildings. This one, vintage, and a more modern one just behind.

The staff is very pleasant. I was given maps and guides of the essential sites of the city, it’s nice.


On the other hand I don’t get any upgrade neither in suite nor in superior room while the hotel is not full, the proof is that there are even suites bookable for the same day.

In short, when it comes to respecting the loyalty program, they are totally off the mark.

The room

My room is in the modern wing.

It is a standard room….very standard.


At least it’s modern and very clean but it’s a bit “cheap” in terms of the quality of materials.

It’s not excessively large but very acceptable for the standard in a hotel of this range.


The bed turned out to be moderately comfortable and I could feel the springs!

The TV corner with the minibar and contrary to an often observed tendency, the minibar is filled and not only used for decoration.


The bathroom is a good size with a shower/tub combo. I appreciate the bathtub with massaging jets.


As for the view….I overlook the building next door and it’s not great.


It is the swimming pool of the hotel that I see.

The wifi is of course offered but to connect we are back to methods of another century.


In short, all this is correct without more.

The hotel facilities

The hotel has a beautiful pool on the terrace.



I assume that it is busier in the warm season and that you can get a drink, but in November it was largely abandoned. But I think that with an outside temperature of 25° at this time it should be usable for the less chilly.

The hotel also has a gym. World record for the smallest gym in a hotel. A real joke.


It is all the more ridiculous that it is a modern building so this need should have been taken into account. That’s taking guest for fools.

Bar and restaurant

L’hôtel dispose d’un bar/restaurant que je n’essaiera pas, étant peu convaincu par ce que j’avais vu jusque là.


Although it looks very nice, you can eat so well for so much less or better for the same price in Spain and Seville that I skipped my turn.



I will do my check-out on my mobile and will leave the hotel without going through the reception again and without regret.

Bottom line

A correct service without more and an absolute disregard for the rules of the loyalty program. The location of the hotel does not plead for it either.

Very friendly staff though, that’s something.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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