Gothenburg-Zurich in business class on Swiss: solid performance

It’s time to leave Sweden and go back to France after a month where between Croatia and Scandinavia I would almost never have been at home.

The way back goes through Zurich since I fly on Swiss.

1HotelMoxy Paris CDG (pas d’article, regardez nos anciens articles sur le Moxy Paris CDG)
2FlightParis-Zurich – Swiss – Business Class
3FlightZurich-Stockholm – Swiss – Business Class
4HotelMiss Clara by Nobis – Stockholm
5RestaurantRestaurant Nisch – Stockholm
6RestaurantRestaurant Sturehof – Stockholm
7FlightStockholm-Copenhague – SAS – SAS GO (éco)
8HotelMoxy Copenhague Sydhavnen
9RestaurantRestaurant The Shrimp Copenhague
10RestaurantRestaurant Marv & Ben Copenhague
11LoungeSalon SAS Gold à Copenhague
12FlightCopenhague-Stockholm – SAS – SAS GO (éco)
13FlightStockholm-Goteborg – SAS – SAS GO (éco)
14HotelRadisson Blu Scandinavia Goteborg
15LoungeSalon Vinga à Goteborg
16FlightGothenburg-Zurich – Swiss – Business Class (it’s here)
17FlightZurich-Paris – Swiss – Business Class

And the air routing of this trip…

Check-in and ground experience

I arrive at the airport a little early….. It’s 7:15 a.m. while my flight leaves at 9:30 a.m.


No one at the check-in counters and the terminal couldn’t be more empty.


It’s also not possible to check in your self-service luggage yourself, so I wait patiently for the counter to open.

Passengers are starting to arrive but still nothing on the personal side..


The counter finally opens…and the formalities were dispatched in less time than it takes to say it, especially since I was the first and almost alone in the priority queue.

I am given the health form for entry into France…

I’m going to security checks…

I take one last look at the check-in area. There really isn’t a crowd.


I take the “fast track” for controls… not really useful because there is absolutely no one there.


I really appreciate Gothenburg airport for its fluidity in general, but here we reach new heights. Security went through in the blink of an eye and with as always very friendly staff.

Arrival in the duty free zone that you have to cross to access the terminal…not possible to be quieter.

Ditto for bars and restaurants…

So I head to the lounge.

The Vinga Lounge at Gothenburg Airport.

Le salon SAS étant fermé je me rabats sur le salon voisin, le Vinga que j’ai déjà longuement décrit ici.


In the distance I see my device of the day which is already in place.

5 minutes before boarding begins, I head for the gate.


Passengers began to settle in the waiting area.


Boarding begins on time and priorities are respected. I am thinking at the last minute of putting my mask back on, a reflex that I had totally lost during these two Scandinavian weeks, especially since if in Sweden its wearing remained visibly compulsory in airports (and only there) no one wore it .


The cabin of the A320 Swiss

We find this good old NEK seat shared with Lufthansa and which connoisseurs call the ironing board.


Not that it’s really uncomfortable but a little more thickness would still be appreciated.

On the other hand , the space for the legs is really appreciable.


The Swiss A320s are equipped with screens to broadcast safety instructions, which is always better than when it is done by staff.


The central seat is of course neutralized in business and a bottle of water and disinfectant wipes are already in place.


Ainsi que le menu “Buy On Board” qui intéresse davantage nos amis de la classe éco…


The flight and the service

The 4 rows of business are 80% full

Outside the weather is still just as depressing.


After a short taxi we are ready to take off and a few minutes later I finally see a patch of blue sky.


The service starts quite quickly and at least Swiss offers hot from Gothenburg, one of the reasons that made me choose this company for this flight rather than Lufthansa or Air France.

On the other hand I totally forgot to take a picture of the set which was probably the most interesting thing on a medium haul.

It was a potato and cheese gratin , quite good but not filling enough. However, I remain convinced that breakfast remains the unloved airline company, often well below the trays that can be had at other times of the day. But let’s admit that it was still very correct and in any case better than a bad omelet.

Outside it gets better.


Landing and arrival in Zurich

We were quickly told to prepare for landing and the Zurich countryside quickly presented itself below us.


And it is with 20 minutes in advance that we will arrive in Zurich under a bright sun.


Here I am ready to spend some time in the living room before my flight to Paris.


Staff during the flight

The crew was very present in the cabin throughout the flight. Efficient, professional and smiling service with several passages to offer drinks.

Absolutely nothing to complain about.

Bottom line

An uneventful and unsurprising flight with a comfortable cabin and a good crew.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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