Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen: cool and affordable

Copenhagen is a superb city, but like all Scandinavian cities it’s expensive, especially when it comes to hotels. I therefore decided to go a little further afield and opted for the Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen, as I really like Moxy hotels and found the rates much more reasonable than the options I had evaluated in the city center.

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As usual, I used the Marriott app to guarantee the best rate when booking my hotel in Copenhagen. Having spent 15 days in Croatia, 3 days in Stockholm and a final stopover in Goteborg waiting for me, I not only opted for this Moxy, much cheaper than more central properties, but I paid for it with my points to make the question of accommodation a painless one for good. The number of points required per night is also totally reasonable.

Location of the hotel

The hotel is therefore not in the city center, which will put some people off and is not what I’m used to. But then again, I’ve rarely been convinced by hotel services in Scandinavia (apart from the adorable staff), and when the price seems exorbitant for the service provided (and Olivier’s stay at the Marriott Copenhagen confirms my idea), it’s better to be pragmatic.

The Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen is therefore located in the ….Sydhavnen district, which the hotel website says is booming. Honestly, I see it as a dormitory suburb with small businesses and a few office buildings, along a major commuting route used by the cars and bicycles of suburban commuters.

However, the hotel’s location is quite good, as it’s less than 5 minutes from the Sydhavnen station, from where you can reach the city center in 20 minutes with very frequent and comfortable trains. Having made the round trip twice a day during my stay (once to visit, once to go out for dinner), it’s very easy to do.

Here’s a view of the hotel from the train.


From the airport, allow half an hour, more or less, depending on traffic jams. You can also easily make the journey by train, with a connection at the main station, but the city’s public transport system is very convenient for those traveling with suitcases.

Arrival at the hotel and check-in

I checked in online using the Marriott app the day before my arrival.

Arriving from Stockholm, I take a cab from the airport. The journey takes between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on traffic jams, and avoiding the city center saves time. Please note: there is no Uber or equivalent here.

There’s nothing more like a Moxy than another Moxy. Or maybe an ALoft?


I head towards the reception, which, as always at Moxy, is part of the bar around which the lobby is organized, and is operated by the same people, which can cause delays in service when a large number of guests arrive at the hotel at the same time.


Design, humor, style: it’s all part of the Moxy DNA.

Having checked-in online, it took me 5 minutes to collect my keys from the very friendly staff before I received my key.

I head for my room.

The Moxy room

I had no expectations on the subject: at Moxy everything is hyper-standardized and there are only two room sizes: standard and family. I wouldn’t have minded an upgrade to a family room, just to have a little more space, but when it comes to upgrades due under the loyalty program, Scandinavian penny-pinching is legendery.

The door opens onto a small vestibule that leads to the bedroom and, to the side, to the bathroom.


The room is in the purest Moxy style: it’s stylish, uncluttered, simple, with materials that are not susceptible to wear and tear.


Without equaling what you’d find in a more upscale hotel, the bedding is more than comfortable and will satisfy me more than enough, even though I’m rather demanding on the subject.

Same comment for the bathroom: small but very convenient:


A quick glance at the toiletries reminds us of the chain’s traditional sense of humor…


Well, the tour is quickly over. A simple, pleasant and functional room. I don’t ask for more when I’ll be spending most of my time out and about, and the hotel, for once, is more utilitarian than anything else.

The hotel’s style and design

Although Moxy is an entry-level Marriott chain, with standardization pushed to the extreme, it is nonetheless a lifestyle chain with a strong DNA. This DNA can be found in the arrangement of the living spaces and in the hotel’s communication (remember the message on the shower gel…).

The lobby, as we’ve seen, is a large living area organized around the bar. There are plenty of places to sit down, alone or with friends, on a sofa or a chair, in bar or cosy lounge mode.


Very urban decor and style, with lots of handwritten messages to customers…


As for the walls of the elevators, they are covered with selfies of customers and the staging of their experiences with the famous hashtag #atthemoxy.


Or, still in the elevator, this invitation to collective showers…


It’s very young in spirit (even if the clientele ranges from 20 to 50), it’s fresh, it’s lively…which is why we particularly like Moxy, just as we liked ALoft before it.

Bars and restaurants

No restaurant at Moxy, but a snack service at the bar, which I didn’t try.

As for the bar, which I frequent daily at aperitif time or on my way home from dinner, it’s a very pleasant and friendly place.

I have just one criticism: service can be slow (very slow) if a group of customers check-in at the wrong time, and the staff are a little “young” and sometimes seem to lack concentration or rigor, even though they are very pleasant.

The hotel facilities

Don’t expect much from a Moxy in this respect. It’s just a gym, and while it has the merit of not being one-eyed, it’s nonetheless small and minimally equipped.



I’ll check out from my room on the Marriott mobile app, saving me a stop at the front desk. Simple, fluid and effective.

Bottom line

The Moxy Copenhagen Sydhavnen is a very pleasant, lively hotel that makes up for its off-center location by offering much more affordable rates than hotels in the city center.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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