The Shrimp restaurant in Copenhagen: refined and friendly

Finding a good restaurant in Copenhagen is anything but complicated; it’s more a question of making a choice. And not having planned anything before arriving, I also had to deal with the fact that some restaurants had run out of space.

Anyway, for this first evening in Copenhagen my first choice was “The Shrimp“, the restaurant located in the atrium of hôrel Skt. Annae.

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The concept of The Shrimp

In the end, The Shrimp’s promise is quite simple: traditional dishes borrowed from all the world’s cuisines but impeccably executed. In fact, their website says it all: “You’ve probably already eaten these dishes…but not in our backyard”.

And this is perhaps the second part of the promise: the setting.

The restaurant is indeed located in the atrium of the superb Skt. Annae Hotel, a glass-covered courtyard transformed into a restaurant.


And here’s the glass roof in question.


On the other hand, don’t ask me where the name of the restaurant comes from, as it has absolutely nothing to do with seafood.

The setting of The Shrimp

I’ve already indirectly mentioned this, but The Shrimp is located in the superb Skt Annae hotel.


As for the restaurant itself, it’s very cosy and warm. Not particularly luxurious, not at all, but friendly and comfortable. In fact, there are even benches, unusual in premium restaurants.


The venue isn’t large (28 seats at a guess) and, unsurprisingly, it’s packed to the rafters.

The menu at The Shrimp

The menu is simple, which is often a guarantee of freshness and masterly prepared dishes.


It’s a mix of main courses and starters, and there are no rules about what goes on the menu: you take as many courses as you like, in any order you like.

The dinner and the dishes

I settle in and am quickly given the menu. However, it will take some time, if not a long time, for someone to come and take my order, including the aperitif.

Champagne arrives quickly, with an amuse bouche offered by the house.


It is a hake ceviche.

I found the seasoning a little “flat” and the cucumber “ate” the taste of the fish: all you could feel was it. As for the crisp, it doesn’t add much.

Well, it’s only an amuse bouche and it has the merit of being fresh, its vocation was only to make me wait by accompanying the champagne before getting to the real heart of the matter, so I appreciate it all the same.

And I appreciate the generous dose of champagne.

I’m brought bread and butter.


Not dietetic, but delicious.

The starter arrives: I’ve chosen scallops with cucumber, wasabi sauce and rye potato chips.


The visuals are very well done.

Once again, I found the scallops a little “flat” in taste, and the cucumber was a big hit, but this time the sauce balanced everything out remarkably well. I’m sorry the scallops aren’t more present, but between the cucumber and the wasabi it’s hard to exist. The rye chips add a very pleasant touch.

A fresh and tasty dish that opens this dinner very positively.

It can’t be said that the service is in a hurry. I’ve been here for 50 minutes and I’ve had an aperitif and an appetizer. At this pace I’m going to take a room at the hotel.

My second course finally arrived after a reasonable wait this time.

It’s hake in a lobster bisque with fennel and dill.

The dish arrives served like this…


The bisque is added in a second step.


It wasn’t mentioned on the menu, but the bisque is made with cognac!

Once again, the visuals are perfect and the flavour combinations simply perfect! A real treat.

My third course is quail with chanterelles and a red wine sauce.


The presentation is really appealing and won’t disappoint. The meat is melt-in-the-mouth, perfectly cooked, and the red wine reduction goes perfectly with it.

For dessert, I’d go for the chocolate sorbet…which, incidentally, is the only dessert on the menu. It is served with marinated plums, berries and a cookie.


Even though I’m not really a fan of desserts and sweets, this one was fresh and light, and rounded off the dinner nicely.

The atmosphere

The atmosphere is just like the venue: relaxed, warm and friendly. That’s what I like about Scandinavia: no matter how refined the cuisine, guests don’t feel obliged to play a role.

The service

Two notable things about the service.

The first is the staff, very professional and friendly. Nothing to complain about.

The second is a certain slowness, particularly at the start of the service, although this improved afterwards. It had nothing to do with the wait staff, who were obviously sorry, and everything to do with the kitchen, which was clearly struggling at the start of service. Being the only customer to have taken so many dishes, I gradually saw the other tables leave and, strangely enough, the service speed up as the room emptied.

Bottom line

Leaving aside the occasional service glitch, which happens, The Shrimp’s cuisine is not necessarily very creative, but refined and perfectly executed. The warm, relaxed atmosphere is a delight, as is the atrium setting of this superb hotel.

All in all, for 100 euros, including wine, the value for money is remarkable.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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