British Airways Club Europe, Budapest Ferenc Liszt – London Heathrow, Airbus A320: Please improve the service!

After a few hours in the lounge, we headed to board our flight to London Heathrow.

As a reminder, here is the itinerary followed:

1LoungeBritish Airways Concorde Room, London Heathrow T5
2FlightBritish Airways Club Europe, London Heathrow – Budapest Liszt, Airbus A319 (unreported)
3HotelMatild Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest
4LoungePlaza Premium Lounge, Budapest Liszt Terminal 2B, non-Schengen
5FlightBritish Airways Club Europe, Budapest Liszt – London Heathrow, Airbus A320
Today’s itinerary


While the departure was announced with a delay of about 15 minutes, we started boarding 25 minutes late.

The boarding of the group1 began, and we were quickly invited to enter the aircraft.

Cabin and welcome

Arrived at the door of the aircraft, the welcome on board is rather cold, and we went to our seats.

It was the traditional British Airways medium-haul cabin, which is equipped (except for NEO aircraft) with shelves between the aisle seats and the window.

Service and catering

The service started about 15 minutes after take-off from Budapest airport.


A first beverage service was performed and I took take an apple juice, served with appetizer nuts.


The trays were then handed, and I chose the pasta which will be excellent. I did not eat everything but both the quality and the quantity were there. Just perfect.


The service was moderately attentive until the end of the flight.

Arrival and disembarkation

We arrived almost on time at the gate in London Heathrow, and our luggage arrived relatively quickly on the carrousel, and were all there!

Bottom line

A flight with a rather good product, but the service can really spoil everything. We are really fed up with unmotivated crews, let them stay home!

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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