Sheraton Lisbon: affordable but outdated

The Sheraton Lisbon, although out of the way, is nevertheless well located and its prices have not followed the recent surge in hotel prices in Lisbon. On the other hand it starts to look really old.

I will stay twice in Lisbon, two weekends in a row, spending the week between them in Sesimbra and for these two stays I will stay at the Sheraton. I will make only one post to summarize both.

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I can’t say that I really had a choice. Lisbon has always been a fairly affordable destination, at Marriott or elsewhere. However, the city has not avoided a surge in hotel prices in recent times between the explosion of demand after the COVID and generalized inflation. With three of the city’s four Design Hotels no longer being marketed on the Marriott website even indicating limited participation in the program (although still Design Hotels and Design Hotels being owned by Marriott), the former Fontecruz which changed its name and left the group, the addition of two Autograph Collection at Parisian rates (400 euros and more a night in March!) the offer is limited.

So there is the Marriott Lisbon very far away, towards the airport, a Moxy at the end of the world, the Moxy Lisbon a little off-center but not too much and the Sheraton Lisbon already visited and a little further than this last one. The Moxy did not allow me to work comfortably in my room and, since I was not ready to make any sacrifices in one way or another, I chose the Sheraton at 120 euros per night which was the best compromise.

I booked on the Marriott app two weeks before my stay, a standard room ( in other words a Deluxe which is the entry level).

Last point before getting serious, when I say that the prices in some cities have become crazy look at this simulation made in May 2023 for a stay in Lisbon in November or 6 months later.

Arrival and check-in

I arrive at the hotel by Uber from the airport in the middle of the afternoon. It is this “beautiful tower” in the purest 70s style (the hotel opened in 1972).


I headed to the reception to check in.


I was quickly taken care of by a friendly receptionist. The protocol of the loyalty program is respected and I learn that I am upgraded to a room….on a higher floor. Anyway I had looked at the availability before, only the presidential suite was available as an upgrade so I didn’t really expected un upgrade.

Ironically, when I return a week later, I will meet the same receptionist who will look up and say “ah but you were already here last week! Still during this second stay I asked for a late departure at 4pm which will be confirmed upon my arrival.

I quickly head for my room.

By the way, a picture of the corridors which, you will see, do not seem to be from the same period as the rest, and especially the room.


The room

When you enter you find the bedroom in front of you, the bathroom on the left and a storage on the right, well just a closet closed by a curtain.


Close-up on the closet that looks very cheap for a 5* hotel.


This is the room.


Positive point: a real desk facing the window, comfortable to work.

It is of good size but despite the light walls it is very dark. By the way, I’ll have to look at the pictures to realize that the walls were this color, in my memory they were dark beige. All this to tell you that the effect is not very pleasant.

On the other hand the bed will be very comfortable and the bedding pleasant.

The room has a large chest of drawers which is very practical for storing your things.


I am indeed in one of the top floors of the hotel which counts 26 and if the view is not really beautiful it is at least clear.


Un coup d’oeil vers le bas permet toute fois de découvrir la piscine.


The bathroom is separated from the bedroom by a glass partition. It is a good size and has a bathtub that doubles as a shower.


On the other hand, the water pressure will be much too low for the shower and it will take almost an hour to fill the tub.

A welcome gift will be waiting for me in the form of a small bottle of port.


I will hasten to drink it the same evening having still the memory of my stay last year at the excellent Sheraton Cascais. A similar gift had been given to me and I had waited so long to drink it that I finally brought it back in my luggage. That’s why I put my suitcase in the hold, otherwise it wouldn’t have been delayed, lost and stolen and the incompetence of TAP Air Portugal wouldn’t have been able to do its work.

A large and comfortable room without a doubt. On the other hand it looks very old and it is: according to my information the hotel has not been renovated since 2007, which is an eternity! Afterwards, all this leaves a strange feeling: I have the impression of more recent but partial renovation attempts, a bit of hiding here, a replastering there… The corridors seem more modern than the rest, the bathroom not so dated… In short, it is neither joyful nor coherent and it does not make you dream.


The hotel has a gym, a swimming pool and a spa.


It is quite large, bright and adequately equipped, without more.


The Spa

I won’t be doing any treatments but will be using the wet zone, which has a sauna, a steam room and a very large bath (whose water could be a little hotter). Very bright and with a view on the pool.


The Pool

The hotel has a very large outdoor pool. Some courageous people were using it as early as March!


Bars and restaurants

The hotel has a bar and a restaurant, which is a real change from my last stay here.

Previously it had a panoramic bar and restaurant on the top floor which obviously did not survive the COVID.


The place remains available but only to enjoy the view and, obviously, for privatizations.

As I said in the preamble, the club lounge has also disappeared in favor of a specific bar service.

I will not eat at the restaurant, preferring to discover the restaurants of the city but will go to the bar, a fortiori to benefit from the lounge service.

The bar is large and located in the lobby (the restaurant is right next to it).


I’ll go sit at the counter and ask how the lounge service works. I am asked for my room number to verify that I am eligible.

I am then told that I am entitled to a selection of free drinks (soft drinks, wines, beers) over a fairly long period of time (5-10pm as I remember) and that plates will be served to me (until 7 or 8pm I think).


The said plates will be a mixture of hot and cold, salty and sweet dishes, served in tasting portions. It will be very varied and very good. Compared to the lounge, there is a gain in quality and variety.



To my great surprise it will not be one plate per person per evening but as much as you want during the time slot concerned.

The bar is very lively and I think there are two reasons for that.

The first one is the live music played at the aperitif time with a singer. The second is that the clientele of the lounge quickly populates the bar and as the crowd attracts the crowd ….

And finally a special word for the very pleasant staff.

The service

If there is one thing you can’t fault about the Sheraton Lisbon, it’s the friendliness of its staff, from the reception to the bar!


During my two stays I will do my check-out online on the Marriott app and leave the hotel without going through the reception again. Easy and efficient.

On the other hand, during my second stay I will have to ask to stay one more night on the last day because of a new crap from TAP that I will tell you about in a future post.

I go to the reception to ask for it and it is confirmed in 5 seconds. I was spontaneously asked for my key to reprogram it (many hotels forget to do this for late check-outs). But, to my surprise, my late-check out at 4pm was also extended to the next day!

Bottom line

If it was only the service and the facilities the Sheraton is an excellent hotel that I recommend in particular for its value for money in general rather good. But it’s getting old and it’s hard to fall in love with it, even though it’s often a very good option in terms of value for money.

A hotel that you choose by reason more than by passion and that we would like to see renovated!

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