Sheraton Cascais & Resort: absolutely perfect!

I had been dreaming of discovering Cascais for a long time and this ten days spent telecommuting from Portugal was the perfect opportunity. So after spending the weekend in Lisbon I go to Cascais to spend the next 5 days.

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I booked via the Marriott website a standard room for 120€per night. I then used my Suite Night Awards to request a suite upgrade which was confirmed a few days later.

A nice deal.


Please note: the Sheraton Cascais is not in the city but in a very nice park outside. It will take you between 15 and 30 minutes depending on traffic to reach the city (10€ by uber). From Lisbon it takes about an hour, again depending on the traffic.


In the Uber that brings me from Lisbon I check the availability of the hotel by precaution. No superior suites to mine available so no hope of a superior upgrade to my Suite Night Award.

We arrive at the entrance of the park in which the hotel is located and after having shown his credentials the driver is allowed to enter. A few more minutes of driving and he drops me off at the hotel.


The bellman takes my bags in charge and I enter the lobby. All in marble, very luxurious. For a Sheraton I am pleasantly surprised.


At the counter the agent welcomes me with a big smile, asks me if I want her to speak to me in French and presents the hotel and its services. There are regular shuttles to the city (which I will not use) and there is an optional fee of 3 euros per day for unlimited access to the Spa. It’s optional and not excessive, I’ll promptly say yes.

Once the formalities are over, the protocol of the loyalty program is fully respected, I will be accompanied to my room.

The room

On the way I admire the corridors, wide and quite posh. The bellman tells me that this is a part of the hotel that was recently renovated.


My suite is on the ground floor, which will allow me to have a terrace on the garden level.



On the right is the lounge.


It’s big, bright, tasteful.


And at the end the terrace.


There is also as you could see a kitchenette.


To the left of the entrance you will find the bathroom and the bedroom facing each other.

The room first of all. It is clear, nicely decorated with sobriety. It will prove to be very pleasant to live in. The bedding will be extremely comfortable.


Then the bathroom.


Very nice and pleasant.

I am really pleasantly surprised by this room. It reminds me a little of the Pine Cliffs where I stayed a short time ago in Albufeira: an ex-Sheraton that had become a Luxury Collection because of the quality of its facilities. We may not be at that point, but we’re close.

In the evening, when I returned to my room, I found this delicate attention from the hotel management.


I will hasten to gulp down the pasteis. As for the Port, I’ll keep putting off opening the bottle and, in the end, I’ll bring it back with me to France. Well, I’ll try. You will soon learn that given the consequences, it was one of the worst decisions of my life as a traveler.

The visit in video to finish:

The hotel facilities

The hotel consists of several buildings of this type located in a park.


And in the middle of the said park we find the swimming pool.


Really beautiful.


However, I regret that the hotel does not have, like the Pine Cliffs, an indoor pool for the cooler months of the year.

Of course, the hotel has a gym. Nice size and well equipped, without more.


Next door is the spa.

It is arranged around an interior garden which is a daylight well.

There is a relaxation area.


A brand new sauna.


A hammam.


And finally two pools…too cold for me.


Bars and restaurants

The hotel has 2 restaurants.

The first “The Glass Terrace” is the main restaurant and also serves as a bar during the day.


The room is very large and tastefully decorated. A bit big though, it can seem quite impersonal.


The menu mixes local and international cuisine.


I will eat there regularly during my stay with a special preference for the shrimp curry and the ceviche. The dishes will turn out to be very good.


But more than anything else, what I will remember is the service which was simply perfect with a very nice waitress who took care of me.

The second restaurant is a Japanese fusion restaurant: Yakuza by Olivier. I will dine there only one evening out of curiosity. I had indeed been quite disappointed by the Yakuza by Olivier in Paris, the one at the Pine Cliffswas closed during my stay, I just wanted to check my first impression without much conviction.

The menu differs significantly from Paris, with logical local adaptations.


As soon as I arrived, the tone was set. “We’re full, you just have to eat at the bar, and you’ll be in front of the chef”. It’s not so much that this is disturbing, it happens, as the tone in which it is said and the careless way in which the client is disposed of.


And so this is the place where I will seat.


It was a blessing in disguise: I ordered directly from the chef, asked his advice and the staff behind the bar was adorable with me. Infinitely more pleasant than the waitstaff who were at least as condescending as the ones in Paris.

At the end I will make the same comments as in Paris: it is beautiful, it is good, sometimes very…



On the other hand expect 100€ to be satiated and from my point of view it is absolutely not worth it!

The only time I ask for a dish that comes from the kitchen and is not prepared in front of me it will be “forgotten” and will arrive 20 minutes late. The chief will decide to offer it to me.

In short, the team that prepares the sushi at the bar was excellent and the wait staff as incompetent as unpleasant. An expensive place to avoid.

To finish on the subject my biggest regret will be the absence of a real bar in the hotel.

Check Out

I will do my mobile check out on the Marriott app which will exempt me from having to go through the front desk again before leaving.


Throughout your stay, the staff will be as friendly as efficient. A delight… Except for the Yakuza of course.

Bottom line

Really an excellent stay, this hotel is really of excellent level for a Sheraton.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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