O Frade in Lisbon: a very good Portuguese restaurant

Continuation of my culinary adventures in Lisbon, where after a bistronomic restaurant, a gastronomic one and a totally failed experience in a typical restaurant, I decided to persist in this style by booking at O Frade, which seems to me to offer more guarantees than the catastrophic Solar dos Bicos.

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The concept of the restaurant

Quite simply, it’s a restaurant serving traditional Portuguese cuisine. Simple and unpretentious.

The setting of the restaurant

Quite small and typically decorated. The dining room is made up entirely of high tables, most of which are arranged around a central island where part of the food preparation and preparation is carried out.


Otherwise there’s an outdoor terrace with seating.

The menu

It’s simple and traditional. Exactly what I wanted.


Dinner and service

I arrive exactly on time for my reservation.


I’m immediately taken care of and installed at my place around the central island, from where I’ll be happy to watch the dishes being prepared.


The welcome is very friendly and they take the time to ask me to explain some of the dishes on the menu.

I’ll start with the “escabeche” duck.

I see it being prepared before my eyes, and it’s beautiful. Then it’s all mixed together and it’s not so beautiful.


Anyway, it was tasty and very good.

Meanwhile, I watch the staff prepare the dishes in front of my eyes, as well as the dishes coming out of the kitchen: everything is really very appetizing and hearty.


Then my main course arrives: fish xerem with coriander and lemon….


It’s a kind of fish porridge. With the coriander and lemon, it’s very, very fresh. A hearty but easy-to-eat dish with great taste and freshness.

I wanted a light, simple, good and fast meal and I got it.

And so ends this experience for me, rehabilitating small local restaurants after a bad experience a few days earlier.

The service

Very warm and friendly, fast.

The atmosphere

Authentic and lively.

Bottom line

Authentic, simple but remarkably well executed, a good local table for those who want typical Portuguese cuisine and very pleasant service for less than 30 euros excluding drinks.

To be repeated!

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