Air France lounge, Paris Charles-de-Gaulle 2E: Business as usual

After a very restful night at the hotel, I complete my itinerary to my home in London.

As a reminder, here is the itinerary followed:

1LoungePlaza Premium Lounge, London Heathrow Terminal 2
2FlightAir France Business, London LHR to Paris CDG, Airbus A320
3LoungeAir France Lounge, Paris CDG 2F
4FlightAir France Business, Paris CDG to Heraklion HER, Airbus A319
5HotelDomes of Elounda, Autograph Collection
6FlightAir France Business, Heraklion to Paris CDG, Airbus A320
7HotelMoxy Paris Charles-de-Gaulle
8LoungeAir France Lounge, Paris CDG 2E-K
9FlightAir France Business, Paris CDG to London LHR, Airbus A318
Today’s itinerary

Ground experience

Getting from the hotel to the CDGVAL in daylight is easier than at night, of course.
Lots of people at the VAL exit

Already in possession of my boarding pass, I go straight to immigration and pass through without waiting.

The route to terminal 2E is fairly empty, however.
No waiting at all at immigration

As far as security is concerned, the wait will also be limited, but… I’ll be selected for a random check of my suitcase and will have to wait more than 30 minutes!

Given that terminal 2E is the only non-Chengen terminal, even in the middle of a pandemic, it’s packed!


As my flight departs from hall K, the Air France lounge in this area is in the basement, accessible on the left after security.

Since the reopening of the La Première lounge, the entire mezzanine has been reserved for Ultimate passengers.

The welcome is pretty good, with an attendant even recognizing me from a restaurant I’d visited during the week in Paris.

Lounge design

The design of the lounge is quite old, with damaged armchairs, tables, chairs and furniture. Nevertheless, I find a place easily, and in any case, the time spent in the lounge will be very short.


The food and beverage offer is pretty good, but the buffet closest to my seat is closed.

A few mini-buffets have been temporarily set up

I have to go to the other area of the lounge, where there is an attendant serving hot and cold dishes. The queue is so long that I give up and settle for a glass of champagne.

The buffet is now served by lounge staff
Viennese pastries are generally good

Bottom line

This is the classic Air France offer, which you know by heart. The service is still not back to pre-Covid levels, but the experience remains pleasant.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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