Moxy Lille City: nice hotel but sad room

The Moxy Lille City offers a superb setting for this category of hotel. Too bad my room was so sad.

For the start of my stay, I chose to stay at the Moxy Lille before finishing at the Hermitage Gantois. Firstly, because it allowed me to try out two hotels, and secondly, because given the overall length of my stay, only going to the second one would have made the bill a little too high.

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I booked a standard room at 118 euros per night 15 days before my departure. The hotel being full during my stay, no upgrade will be possible.

Arrival at the hotel

I arrive at the hotel on foot from Lille Flandres station. Don’t be fooled by the website’s claim that it’s close to the station: it’s a 20-minute walk, and you’ll have to drag your suitcase along sidewalks that are sometimes cobbled! Not very pleasant.

However, I’m in for a big surprise when I arrive!


The hotel is housed in a superb old building that once housed the Faculty of Pharmacy. A superb setting for a hotel of this range.

As you enter, you’ll find the bar’s terrace…


And on the other side, an outdoor yoga activity organized by the hotel for its guests.


I go to check-in, as always located in the hotel bar at Moxy.


The young receptionist looks a little lost

I’ll see if I have a room available“…. that would be great as I requested an early check-in.

No mention of the loyalty program, no recognition.

On the other hand, he told me “we didn’t have time to put the gift snacks in your room, so help yourself to the bar’s self-service”. This proves that my status was mentioned, but that it didn’t trigger any reflexes in terms of protocol.

The rest of the check-in is a bit laborious, but I blame that on his youth and inexperience, as he shows a lot of good will.

I finally head for my room, taking a look around the lobby…


It’s very large, beautifully decorated, with work areas, meeting spaces, relaxation areas…


After taking the elevator to my room, I noticed that the landings were just as well decorated.


I arrive at my room.

The room

I often say that once you’ve seen one Moxy room you’ve seen them all, and, well, this one is a little different in terms of design.


Well, it’s mostly a question of tones… even if we avoid the traditional bare concrete.

It’s just the right size, sober and almost frugal.


The desk area is as ridiculous as ever, which is a shame.


The bathroom is small but nice and functional.


All in all, a room that more or less resembles all the rooms at Moxy: pretty, clean, but sober and minimalist.

But I’m going to make one criticism: the very, very small size of the windows, which makes it dark. Very dark. Too dark.

I think that compared to the original building, they’ve made two floors where there was only one with high ceilings, and that this has led to this type of constraint.

This is clearly visible on the façade: there are only two floors, whereas the hotel has 4.

In short, the tiny windows and dimly lit rooms are a bit depressing in the long run.

Bar and restaurant

As always at Moxy, bar and restaurant merge into a single block, alongside which are self-service drinks and snacks. In fact, the restaurant is a reheated snack bar.


I will often go there for a drink before or after dinner.

A beer and some sausage (to cut yourself) before getting down to business.


If I had to add anything, it’s the great kindness of the staff with whom I’ll have long discussions about the hotel, the sector in general, and the hotel and restaurant business in Lille. It was really very pleasant, and made you want to go and have a drink just to see them.


The hotel has a gym.

Small, minimalist equipment, I’ll give up the idea of using it.


The staff and the service

Hesitant but willing welcome, great staff at the bar and later at reception. Don’t change a thing, it’s a change from the clowns at Moxy CDG.


I’ll check out on the mobile app and leave without having to go through reception again.

Bottom line

A very nice hotel, very pleasant, I would just have liked a brighter room.

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