A one day return trip to the US ?

But yes, you read it right, a one day return trip to the US? Why ? To use a Covid voucher of course!

Genesis of the itinerary

The past period has been one of great disruption to the airline industry. Cancellations, border closures, all means are good (and especially the most demagogic) to stop this cursed virus!


As a result, the plans we had with Kristof in July 2021 had to be cancelled, and these plans included intra-US segments booked on AA through the American Express agency.


And that’s been our problem… As the industry recovers, this recovery is quite heterogeneous and each geographic area will recover at a different pace. The US will recover faster than others… And their airlines will revert to less flexible ticketing options sooner.


So, no voucher, but an open ticket to be rebooked at a later date… Except that the IATA validity of the ticket remains one year!


We had to rebook our domestic flight (of considerable value) before May 17, 2022. This was done, and to close the loop, we add a few bonus tickets in Y and W one-way, and everything is ok.



Here is the itinerary finally followed:

1DiaryA one day return trip to the US ?
2LoungeBritish Airways Galleries First, London Heathrow Terminal 5
3FlightBritish Airways Club World Suite, London Heathrow to New-York JFK, Boeing 777
4LoungeAmerican Airlines Flagship Lounge, New-York JFK Terminal 8
5FlightAmerican Airlines Domestic First, New-York JFK to Miami Internarional, Boeing 737
6LoungeAmerican Airlines Flagship Lounge, Miami International
7FlightBritish Airways World Traveller, Miami international to London Heathrow, Airbus A380-800
8LoungeBritish Airways Arrivals Lounge, London Heathrow Terminal 5
Today’s itinerary
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
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