Aeromexico Business, Mexico Adolfo Suarez – Madrid Barajas, Boeing 787-9: minimum service

Continuation of my itinerary back to London with the long-haul part, namely the flight from Mexico City to Madrid on Aeromexico.

As a reminder, here is the itinerary followed:

1DiaryTravel Diary – Mexico
2FlightAir Europa Business, London Gatwick to Madrid Barajas, Boeing 737-800
3LoungeCibeles Lounge, Madrid Barajas
4FlightAeromexico Business, Madrid Barajas to Mexico Adolfo Suarez, Boeing 787-9
5LoungeAeromexico Premier, Mexico
6FlightAeromexico Business, Mexico Adolfo Suarez to Cancun International, Boeing 787-9
7HotelJW Marriott Cancun
8LoungeThe Lounge, Cancun T4
9FlightAeromexico Business, Cancun International to Mexico Adolfo Suarez, Airbus A320
10FlightAeromexico Business, Mexico Adolfo Suarez to Madrid Barajas, Boeing 787-9
11FlightAir Europa Business, Madrid Barajas to London Gatwick, Boeing 737-800
Today’s itinerary

Ground experience and lounge

No sooner had I disembarked from my flight from Cancun than I had to wander around the arrivals circuit, strangely distinct from the departures circuit, for a very long time.

At some point, I’m afraid I’ll have to go through a security screening again, but no, it won’t be necessary.

With less than 50 minutes before the departure of my next flight, I head as quickly as possible to the lounge I wanted to visit, namely the American Express Centurion Lounge… But I found the doors closed, the lounge closing at 5pm… Never mind, I’ll take an express 5-minute break in the Aeromexico lounge (already reviewed earlier) and then head off to board my flight.


Boarding begins around 30 minutes before flight departure, with a fairly complex procedure involving 5 groups, and queues that are rather unsuited to the building’s architecture (like those in terminal 2F at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, for those in the know).

Zone 1 boarding

Nevertheless, the boarding of Zone 1, of which I am a member, will be fast.

The finger will be left free

Cabin and welcome

The cabin is the same as on the outbound flight, with the very comfortable Super Diamond seat from Collins Aerospace.

The magnificent Super Diamond seat, very comfortable

I’ve also discovered a handy extra storage space under the folding armrest.

The on-board kit (helmet, blanket, pillow) is already on my seat, as is a bottle of water in the retractable armrest, and a comfort kit (with a different design, just as nice) stocked as on the outward journey.

The comfort kit from Etro. .

Boarding takes much longer than in Madrid, and welcome drinks are only served a few minutes before departure. I’ll choose champagne, as usual. The dose is a bit skimpy, by the way.

Champagne for all! At least for me…
Mexico City airport after takeoff
Cumulonimbus clouds lurk around the airport

Service and catering

The catering service starts 30 minutes after the seatbelt lights are switched off.

It’s always sunny above the clouds!

There’s no aperitif service, and the table is set directly.

The starter and cheese are served on a platter, without a tray. Very premium.

The starter is rather stingy, since it’s a salad, admittedly very fresh and successful, but undeniably lacking in protein.

Starter items served directly on a tablecloth

The cheese is much better than on the outward journey, but bread or, at the very least, crackers are missing.

Cheese unfortunately served without bread or crackers

Next comes the chicken, previously ordered via the booking manager. Frankly average, I don’t like the sauce at all and the vegetable coating is really not good.

The main course will be very, very average

Then came dessert, a very good tartlet, very well presented and again served on the plate, a dessert I’d accompany with a Bailey’s.

The excellent lemon tartlet, and Bailey’s served a little sparingly

Then I’ll sleep for a good 6 hours!

I fall asleep as we approach the US coast

Breakfast is served 1h20 before arrival, perfect timing.

I chose the platter with the smoked salmon, which was perfect but lacked the bread to go with it. It will be served with a double espresso.

The breakfast tray, much better than the dinner tray

I have to say that, unlike the outward journey, I found the service to be carried out with much less passion and proactivity. I was forced to ask for water in addition to champagne, orange juice with breakfast, etc etc.

Arrival and disembarkation

We arrive at the gate about 15 minutes after the scheduled time, due to a longer-than-expected drive.

Arrival at the gate 15 minutes late
The plane at the gate in Madrid

Disembarkation will take place row by row, but with a logic to be perfected for Business: since disembarkation takes place through gate 2L, it makes more sense for ranks 5 to 9 to disembark before ranks 1 to 4…

Connection to London
Social distances are moderately respected

Bottom line

A good flight thanks to Aeromexico’s hard and soft products, but uninspired service. Shame.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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