Novotel cœur d’Orly: convenient and surprisingly pleasant

An early morning flight from Orly was the perfect excuse to test the new Novotel cœur d’Orly. There is no shortage of hotels around Paris airports, but not all are equal when it comes to the main requirement of the traveler, whether occasional or frequent: easy access to the terminals. Whether you are a frequent traveler or not so familiar with these large terminals, whether you are a passenger anxious not to miss an early flight or anxious to get a few hours of sleep, there are many reasons to pay the utmost attention to your choice of airport hotel.

The Novotel cœur d’Orly: in the heart of the airport…or almost

This is what this recently opened hotel is all about: direct access to the terminal where all its competitors only offer shuttles. And this is what was missing at Orly.

Roissy has the Sheraton integrated in the heart of terminal 2, some hotels are within walking distance of T1 and T3, but Orly was rather poorly provided for in this respect. The Novotel Coeur d’Orly, located in the area of the same name, will fill this gap.

The access by car is a bit convoluted (normal for a new area) and it is impossible to be dropped off in front of the door, obviously there is still work to be done on what should be an outdoor parking lot. Group logic obliging, it is next to Ibis, which is also very recent.

Let’s talk about what’s at the heart of the hotel’s value proposition right away: airport access. Those who were expecting a “truly direct” access (i.e. without having to go outside like the Sheraton CDG or Frankfurt. Here you will have to exit and take a large footbridge that leads to the other side of the road.

Novotel Orly

The ramp is not at all practical to go up or down when you are a little loaded. My carry-on was fine, but more heavily loaded families found it more difficult. An elevator exists however but considering its capacity I am afraid that it is quickly stuck on the days of important departures.

Novotel Orly

The (long) crossing is aided by conveyor belts.

Novotel Orly

On the other side you don’t enter the terminal either, but you arrive in front of the south terminal. You must then cross a street and, if you leave from the West Terminal, take the Orlyval until the junction between the two terminals is completed.

One could have expected something a little more “finished” but let’s not sulk our pleasure: finally a hotel that allows to go to Orly by leaving his room without cab or shuttle.

Let’s get back to the hotel itself. I had booked an “Executive Room” from the AccorHotels mobile application.

The lobby is very pleasant, AccorHotels has succeeded rather well in breaking the codes of the old generation Notovels which no longer correspond either to the expectations of the public or to the new positioning of Novotel in a portfolio of brands that is, let us admit it, confusing.

Express check-in and unhappy customers

The disappearance of the traditional counters in favor of small individual booths gives an impression of conviviality and warmth, as does all the decoration of the lobby. On the other hand, when there is an influx of customers, it quickly becomes messy.

I wait a little while for the line to advance and at the time of my check-in a disgruntled customer gets out of the elevator and runs towards the attendant.

Obviously some things don’t work in the room and, worse, he would have found already used towels and sheets. Typical accident in an airport: it looks like the room was sold in “day use” during the afternoon and put back in circulation without any control of the staff. What the staff will admit. But it doesn’t look serious and I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have to go through such a mishap.


Novotel Orly

A look at the lobby.

Novotel Orly

Novotel Orly

Novotel Orly

The setting is really nice, the staff is friendly and everything goes smoothly once the client’s incident is resolved.

So I will take possession of my room.

Executive Room at the Novotel cœur d’Orly: a small but warm prefabricated room.

As soon as the door is opened, my room appears to me:

Executive room - Novotel Orly

Executive room - Novotel Orly

Considering the size of the executive room I am really afraid for the size of the standard rooms. Novotel has done better in the past in this area.

To give an impression of space one has as more and more often now recourse to an open bathroom.

Executive room - Novotel Orly

The decoration is really nice. Neutral but not impersonal. On the other hand it really looks like a prefabricated room, feeling reinforced in the shower. Of course, it saves on construction costs by installing elements that are already pre-finished, but I am really afraid that this Novotel will age quickly and badly.

But for the moment it is recent, in good condition and rather pleasant. And in 15 years Novotel has changed its positioning, so you have to be aware of what you are buying.

The bedding is new which makes it pleasant. Afterwards, you should not expect to sleep like in a cloud but the minimum is done.

Through the window I see that the bar and the restaurant have a nice terrace. Surely appreciable in the summer season but in this case the weather will not be suitable.



Let’s finish with the traditional video visit.

A good experience at the restaurant

It’s time to dine. I stop at the bar for an aperitif to start. Service a little dilettante in ” I am overwhelmed with 5 customers ” mode. But help will arrive right away to relieve our poor bartender.

Novotel Orly

I don’t linger and head for the restaurant. Next to a large, rather “traditional” room is a more lounge-like area where I will dine. Là encore je trouve le cHere again I find the setting very nice.adre très sympa.

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

The menu is simple but varied and at very affordable prices when you know that airport hotel restaurants are used to make their captive customers overpay.

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

Well, in the end the dishes will be good, served quickly and in decent quantities for a very reasonable bill. Here is my Bo Bun

Restaurant - Novotel Orly

A small gym

The next morning before going to take my flight I will test the gym, located right in front of my room.

I love the setting and the view it offers. By day:

Gym @ Novotel Orly

Or by night:

Gym @ Novotel Orly

The equipment is new but not varied enough and in general it lacks space. Here it is below the acceptable minimum. It’s a pity because it has style but would have deserved to be a little bit bigger and with more material.

Gym @ Novotel Orly


Oh yes, I forgot, the red card: already opened bottles in the fridge.

Gym @ Novotel Orly

Nobody comes to check the condition of the room and its use?

Besides I doubt that this Novotel makes much money on the minibar. I could indeed observe an original behavior of certain customers who came to help themselves to badoit and Evian in the gym…to replace the bottles consumed in the minibar. Clever but petty.

Conclusion : well, I like this Novotel Coeur d’Orly

I must confess that I was expecting to write a review that would not be very enthusiastic or even negative, since AccorHotels has been disappointing me with impressive regularity for years and, at best, has failed to excite me. And this regardless of the category.

Well, I must admit that this Novotel does the job and is rather pleasant to live in. I don’t know how it will age but for now it offers a quality product 5 minutes walk from the terminal.


– Hotel : for the location and for the pleasant setting it could have been worth 10 but I take off one point for the impossibility to be dropped off in front of the door. 9

• Check-in and out. Overall smooth but a bit messy at the arrival. 8.

– Room: pretty, decent bedding but it really looks like a knock-off, especially the shower that looks like it was taken from a Formule 1. But it is to put in comparison with the range of the hotel. 9

-Restaurant and bar: apart from the barman being a bit overworked, everything is fine at this price level, and excellent service in the restaurant. 9

– Equipment: nice gym but too small and not equipped enough, even for the calling of the hotel. 7

– Service and attention: we were not far from the maximum note but the blow of the opened bottles in the gym and (even if I was not concerned) the complaint of the customer at my arrival prevent me from giving too high grade. 8

– Application of the loyalty program: given my level at Accorhotels I don’t have much to expect from it. My points were credited and that was all I could ask for. 10 donc.

– Experience for money: Despite a few drawbacks, it is well worth a 9.





Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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