747 retrofitted at Lufthansa and new cabins at Swiss

The Lufthansa Group continues to move forward with the renewal of its cabins. It is now clear which aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet will benefit from the new Allegris cabin, while Swiss has presented its version of the new cabin.

Lufthansa to retrofit its B747-8

Questions remained as to which aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet would receive the new and highly promising Allegris cabin.

It was already known that it would equip the A350-900 and 1000 and B787-9 delivered in the future. Then the 777-9s whose delivery date is constantly being pushed back, but without first class. The first A350s received by the German airline will be retrofitted at a later date.

But what about other aircrafts?

Unsurprisingly, the A340 and A380 will never see this cabin, as their only reason for being in the fleet today is to maintain a certain level of capacity until new aircrafts are delivered.

On the other hand, Lufthansa is still betting on the B747 and more particularly the B747-8, of which it has 19 aircraft that are still young (less than 10 years old) and the airline has confirmed that they will be retrofitted with the Allegris cabin, but according to a timetable that remains to be determined.

It remains to be seen how the cabin will be modified to fit the constraints of a 747. If the current arrangement in the nose of the aircraft is retained, the narrowing towards the front of the aircraft must be taken into account (as you can see in this review).

If the choice is made to install it on the upper deck, questions will arise as to the width of the cabin and even the height of the partitions.

New cabins at Swiss

After the Lufthansa announcements, we knew that the announcement of the deployment of the new cabins at Swiss would not be long in coming, and it is now done.

No big surprises in the design of the product itself as it is exactly the same as the one unveiled by Lufthansa with two single suites and a double suite for two in First as well as a wide variety of seats in Business Class.

The recently introduced premium economy class will remain unchanged and the new redesigned economy seat offers 13″ screens.

What is different from Lufthansa is the colour scheme: slate black and dark green in first and claret and anthracite in business.

The Swiss first class cabin:

The Swiss Business Class Cabin:

Many find this atmosphere more intimate and hushed than that of its German cousin, for my part I wait to see in real conditions and, especially, to compare the quality of the materials. Knowing that blue is my favourite colour…

And here are the premium economy and economy cabins.

In terms of timing, the B777-300ER (12 aircraft) and A330-300 (14 aircraft) will be retrofitted from 2025 and this cabin will be installed on the A350-900s that the airline will receive from that date. The A340s will begin their exit from the fleet with the arrival of the A350s.

The timetable is a little out of sync with Lufthansa, but it must be said that even if the current Swiss cabin is slightly out of date, the situation is more critical at Lufthansa, where the current product, especially in business class, is a disaster compared to current standards.

Bottom line

Swiss and Lufthansa are definitely embarking on the renewal of their cabins with a logic of coherence in their product and their fleet which characterises the group’s policy.

It was about time.

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