Suite for two in 1st class, 7 different seats in business: is Lufthansa’s new cabin a good idea or a nest of problems?

We now know more about Lufthansa’s new Business and First Class cabins as, after photos, mock-ups have been presented to some media. These cabins are a big step forward for the airline, but they raise a number of questions.

A suite for two in first class? Hello claustrophobia.

It was already known that the First Class cabin would offer very nice and large individual suites and this has been confirmed with this product from Collins Aerospace.

This cabin will be in a 1-1-1 configuration as the central part will not be occupied by two suites that can be combined into one but a two-seater suite with a double bed!

As you can see there is no separation between the two seats, which makes it feel more like flying in a two-seater sofa.

Brilliant idea? The future will tell, but it’s a disruptive idea for sure, even if suites for two already exist at Etihad or Singapore Airlines.

On the other hand, let’s admit that once the surprise is over, it leaves us rather doubtful for various reasons.

First of all, the lack of separation between the seats, not even an armrest, which could make the flight rather uncomfortable, because even if you’re travelling as a couple, you’re not going to be stuck together like in a common commuter train.

Then the fact that this suite is blind: a partition on one side, a sliding door on the other.

There is also this single bed: either both decide to go to bed at the same time or…there will be a problem.

Finally, and perhaps more anecdotally, the single large screen means that it will be difficult for one person to sleep while the other is working or resting and, quite simply, it will be impossible to watch their own film at the same time.

Indeed, the photo gives the impression of a heavenly cocoon for a travelling couple…

But we are afraid that the experience will be much less pleasant than expected and that, after trying it out, one will not prefer a more traditional two-seat configuration or a Singapore Airlines-style suite where the double bed does not take up all the space.

Not recommended for the claustrophobic, but certainly a great place to join the mile high club.

One last detail: this suite will, logically, only be marketed for two people. It is believed that Lufthansa has done prior market research but there are doubts as to whether there is demand on each flight even though this suite represents 50% of the first class capacity.

In turn, this will undoubtedly increase the price of the Lufthansa First compared to the current cabin, since instead of potentially marketing eight individual seats, the airline will only be marketing two.

We are waiting to see but we have big doubts.

In business class seats for all tastes

As we also announced, the business class will offer several seat types. Not two or even three different types of seats but 7!

  • Suites in the front row (double suite in the middle, single suites near the windows).
  • Seat with extra space.
  • Window seat.
  • Seat with an extra-long bed measuring over 2m.
  • Window seat with baby bassinet.
  • Double seat. (In the last row, two adjacent seats can be combined into a double bed ).
  • Regular seat.

It’s easier with a view from above the cabin.

The good news is that there is something for everyone and everyone will be able to find something to suit them, alone or in pairs.

Secondly, it also raises questions: why are there suites in the front row only when elsewhere it is becoming more and more the norm?

Finally, we imagine that these 7 types of seats will be considered as different products, so by dividing up the inventory we will have as many different prices and, why not, a yield for each one, which will mean that we will have to deal each time with a limited offer per product and therefore…prices that are likely to go very high. There is also a risk of being disappointing when the customer does not find availability for their preferred type of seat.

Again, let’s wait and see…

Bottom line

The new Lufthansa Allegris cabin is certainly a beautiful product. Now choices have been made which will certainly have an impact on the marketing of seats and there is nothing to say that in the end the customer will not pay the price of this move upmarket which fragments the product and the offer.

As for the suite for two…we are curious to have your opinion on the subject.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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