Hotel Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud : Difficult to eat in the middle of nowhere

Still on one of my trips to Paris, I stayed at the Renaissance Paris Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud hotel. Not that it’s very convenient, but it falls within the affordable price range reimbursed by my employer, and it’s not too far from our offices.

A look back at the itinerary :

1FlightAir France Business, London Heathrow – Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Airbus A318
2HotelRenaissance Paris Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud
3FlightAir France Business, Paris Charles-de-Gaulle – London Heathrow, Airbus A318
Today’s itinerary


I booked this hotel a few days before my arrival. A few days before, I send an e-mail to my Ambassador Marriott so that she can arrange for an exercise mat to be placed in my room.

Negative answer, as the hotel’s fitness room is closed. Disappointing.

A few days before my arrival, I receive a standard e-mail from the hotel setting out all the restrictions, including the fact that the restaurant is closed, and that breakfast will be served with bags brought to the room. A pity for a hotel far from the center of Paris, where food delivery is difficult.

Outside the property by day
… And by night!


I arrive at the hotel before 9pm after a short 35-minute drive from Paris Charles-de-Gaulle.

The lobby entrance at night

The welcome is cheerful and warm, and I feel expected. I’m asked for proof of my rate, and I’m told that everything is ready and that I’ve been upgraded to a junior suite. Very good (I had seen it in the application a few hours before my arrival).

So I head for the elevators to my suite.


My suite was located on the 1st floor of the property.

A welcome gift for me

On each landing there’s a microwave oven for reheating room service jars, or any food purchased or ordered in advance.

Located almost at the end of the corridor, my suite is quite spacious.

A bathrobe is available in the closet.

The entrance hall leads to the separate toilet and bathroom.

Toilets are well separated from the bathroom
Separate toilet with washbasin

The latter is equipped with a shower and bath, as well as a very large washbasin with two faucets, allowing two people to use the bathroom.

The extra-large basin is a pleasure to use
Shower or bath, you have to choose

Products from the Bvlgari brand show that we are in a suite.

The Bvlgari products that I particularly like

The room itself is equipped with a sofa (but no coffee table), a very comfortable king-size bed, and a large desk for working in complete serenity.

Two leather armchairs are arranged near the window.
The sofa I’ll use after a busy day
The very large desk in this suite
The very comfortable King Size bed

The entrance features two large closets, a mirror, a courtesy tray with espresso machine and kettle, and a cupboard with minibar and safe.

The minibar with a bottle of champagne for me

Finally, here’s a video tour of the sequel:

Hotel facilities

The hotel has a fitness room and an outdoor pool, both of which were closed during my stay.

Food options

As the restaurant is closed, breakfast is served as “room service”, in fact in prepared bags containing a hot drink, juice, pastries and yoghurt. Not so good, take a look:


Departure formalities were simplified, and the invoice was printed and e-mailed at the same time.

Bottom line

A very good stay. Too bad for the fitness room, in my opinion, which could have been kept open for hotel guests only.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
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