Review : Lufthansa, Business Class , Paris-Francfort on A321

I’ve been wanting to visit Tallinn, the Estonian capital, for a long time and I finally decided to do it. It cannot be said that the city is extremely well served by plane and I had two choices: an Air France flight operated by Air Baltic and Lufthansa via Frankfurt. The Lufthansa costing me in business only a few dozen euros more than the Air France in economy the choice was quickly made.

Here is the first part of this journey which leads me first to Frankfurt.

Ground experience and boarding

Early departure from Roissy Terminal 1. There is no rush in the priority lanes.


The opportunity to appreciate again the specific architecture of this terminal.


Then the access tunnels to the satellites.


We are on August 15, big weekend of departure in vacations and that shows in the security controls.


Fortunately there is no one in the priority queue and I complete the exercise in a few minutes.


The very cramped boarding rooms are starting to fill up.


I have time, so I will go to relax a little at the Senator lounge which I already spoke to you elsewhere.

I have the lounge to myself!


The buffet is very nice for a breakfast.


On the other hand always a little light on the hot dishes…


Finally comes the time to board. It’s crowded and the “angled” location of the gate adds to the crowd effect. Fortunately, the business priority lane on the side is well cleared.


We boarded on time, as I have become accustomed to from Lufthansa over the past few months.


The cabin and the take-off


We find the now well-known medium-haul cabin of Lufthansa, all in sobriety and good taste.


At least when I fly with Lufthansa I don’t wonder what kind of seat I’ll get. I always find it a little hard at first contact and a little less comfortable than the Air France seats on the same type of flight, but the impression disappears quickly and you can live with it very well even on a long flight like a Frankfurt Istanbul for example.

The middle seat is of course neutralized, but this time it is physically neutralized. Appreciable.

A welcome snack is distributed at the gate by the staff to all passengers.


The pitch is still excellent in the first rows of the German airline on medium-haul.


We finish the boarding with 10 minute ahead of schedule. In terms of speed and fluidity of operations, Lufthansa will always surprise me compared to our national airline.

Closing the doors and taxi to the runway. In the end we will be 7 passengers in business class on this flight for 10 seats.

We pass by a Turkish who is about to leave for Istanbul….


And the Thai 380 who will soon see Bangkok again!


Work on connecting the terminal’s satellites is progressing….


A nice view of the terminal 1…


We are finally ready to go.

The flight and the service

I enjoy the view during the takeoff.


The breakfast service will start soon.


Cereal and milk…everything I can’t eat for breakfast (and not just breakfast). I’m not saying it’s not good (my neighbors seemed to love it) and it’s hearty too. But it’s just not in my eating habits and things I enjoy.

Yet I will try.


But will give up quickly. The cheese was good though.

I will ask for a tea with a slice of lemon. Each time I pass by, the flight attendant will ask me if I’m still thirsty and will serve me the same thing again without me having to specify what I wanted.

Even if I don’t eat I at least have time to watch a series.


The end of the flight approaches and we begin the descent.

Nice view of the airport on approach to runway 25R.


Arrival and disembarkation

After a bit of taxi we arrive at our parking spot…and for the umpteenth time this year when arriving in Frankfurt by medium haul we are parked on a remote stand again with a bus debarkation! Annoying.


The trip gives me the opportunity to see some beautiful beasts up close like this 747-400…


Now I have to cross the whole airport to catch my flight to Tallinn…but that’s another story to come soon.


Bottom line

A “normal” flight a little spoiled by the meal and the disembarkation by bus. Staff always very good as usual.

As a reminder, the routing :

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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