Qatar best airline in 2019, results and other fun facts from the 2019 Skytrax ranking

We didn’t mean to, but when we talked about how to rank an airline the day before yesterday we didn’t know that the new Skytrax ranking would be published the next day. So even if we take the Skytrax ranking with a pinch of salt, it’s not useless to look at what it tells us in 2019.

Qatar best airline in 2019

Qatar Airways is voted best airline in the world. Singapore Airlines, ANA All Nippon Airways, Cathay Pacific and Emirates complete the top 5.

Absolutely nothing to say about this ranking. Some may quibble with the order, but no one will find it outrageous.

First and only European airline in the top 10: Lufthansa (9th). The next two airlines in the Lufthansa Group are Swiss (13) and Austrian 15. KLM and British Airways are 18th and 19th respectively. Air France 23rd.

Nothing really shocking again but once again we wonder what Turkish did to Skytrax to be 27th.

Singapore Airlines Best First Class in 2019

The top 5 is completed by Lufthansa, Air France, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways.

Nothing to say for Singapore, which we have already flown in first class, but Air France’s position shows that its product is among the best in the world. We are however really surprised by the 2nd position of Lufthansa and we will talk about it further on and in future posts about their First class product and our own experience.

In my opinion, Lufthansa beats its neighbor thanks to the consistency of its cabin (same seats everywhere even if they are not as good as the best Air France) and its service (never as good as Air France at its best but always regular, without surprise, and without risk of bad surprise).

However, at this level, it’s not a big deal. When Air France is at its best, it can be considered better than Singapore, One can feel more or less comfortable with this or that product vision and service culture than with another and in First Class more than in other classes and it is this culture that the airlines try to transcend.

If we go into detail, Swisss has the best First Class lounge, followed by Qatar, Lufthansa, Air France and Singapore Airlines. Why not, but as we mentioned in our review of the Air France La Première lounge at Roissythis one has the merit of accommodating all passengers traveling in this class, whereas the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt only welcomes passengers departing from Frankfurt, connecting passengers having to make do with a more traditional lounge or discover its existence and go there by themselves by leaving the airport. This seems to us discriminating enough to be reported.

The best seat is with Singapore followed by Etihad, Emirates, Air France and the surprising Saudi Arabia.

Regarding food on board, Air France is the winner ahead of Singapore, Etihad, ANA and Oman Air. Nothing shocking even if we find that Air France rests a little on its laurels and convinces us less than before. The name of a dish and a chef are not everything. A little light, lacks pep…and a caviar that we will soon eat with tweezers contrary to the generous rations served by Lufthansa.

And for amenity kits, Air France is still ahead of Singapore, Lufthansa, Emirates and Etihad. Surprising given my experience to find Lufthansa so high…

Qatar best business class in 2019

Qatar unsurprisingly wins the business class ranking ahead of ANA, Singapore, Emirates and Qantas. Not surprising, even if Emirates’ cabin configurations should not, from our point of view, allow it to reach the top 5 which should be reserved for 1-2-1 configurations.

On the European side, Lufthansa is 11th and Air France is not in the top 20, nor is British. Mention for Lufthansa Group which places 3 airlines in the top 20 with Austrian 17th and Swiss 20th.

Best business seat for Qatar (the QSuite effect) followed by Singapore, Japan Airlines, Etihad and Oman Air. The premiumization of business classes is underway and I bet that in less than 5 years it will be impossible to enter the top 5 without a closed business class suite. Air France has the best business seat in Europe without being in the top 20 of the category…

Best lounge for United (in San Francisco), Virgin Australia, Air Canada, Qatar and Turkish. Well, the Americans are back here! I am not convinced.

Best in-flight catering in business for ANA ahead of Qatar, Hainan, Austrian and Turkish. Air France not in the top 10.

Best business lounge catering for Air Canada ahead of United, Virgin Atlantic Emirates and Qatar. The first positions leave me circumspect. Air France is 9th and we can still wonder how they reach the top 10.

And as for business class amenity kits, the first position goes to Hainan, ahead of Qatar, British, Eva, and Oman Air.

Japan Airlines best economy class in 2019

Finally, Japan Airlines won the best economy class award ahead of Singapore, Qatar, Thai and ANA. 3 European airlines in the top 20: Lufthansa (9), Austrian (17) and Virgin Atlantic (18)

For the best economy seat it is again Japan Airlines which wins and the best catering goes to EVA Air,

Bottom line on Skytrax 2019?

Rankings dominated by Asian and Gulf airlines, where the European airlines survive thanks to the front classes and where the North American airlines have given up all ambition. Rien de neuf donc.

Finally, a ranking always to be taken with a pinch of salt because our recent experiences with well or poorly ranked airlines are far from always matching what Skytax tells us, but a ranking that tells a lot of truths and brings out some basic trends.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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