Successful renovation at W Barcelona

Last year the W Barcelona carried out a renovation of its rooms, accompanied by a restyling of which one awaited with impatience to see the result. W is indeed a brand with a strong but complicated identity where the border between the “Wow” effect and bad taste, modern luxury and bling bling is never very thick.

In this respect, W Barcelona was doing quite well and customers were wondering whether to be afraid of the announced renovation or not. A renovation that, by the way, was very quick since it was done in less than a year. But it must be said that only the rooms were concerned, the common parts and equipment remaining identical.

Some time ago we introduced you to the W Barcelona, its Studio Suite and its Cool Corner Suite.

Here is an example of a room renovated through the new Studio Suite.

The bluish tones that refer to the sea surrounding the hotel are very pleasant and overall the design of the room does not suffer from any notable fault of taste.

W Barcelona Studio Suite
W Barcelona Studio Suite
W Barcelona Studio Suite

The bathroom, spacious, remains in the pure W style with a large bathtub and a gigantic shower. The excellent Bliss products are still there.

W Barcelona Studio Suite
W Barcelona Studio Suite

And of course the traditional video.

You had also missed the video of the superb fitness room of the W Barcelona: omission repaired.

For the rest nothing has changed in the hotel compared to before. So it keeps the qualities and the defects that we mentioned in the past.

So our opinion on the place does not change: a very pleasant hotel for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, its “trendy” atmosphere will please some people as long as they don’t abuse it (2 days maximum). But unless you look for good prices, out of season, or benefit from corporate discount codes which are sometimes very interesting, the price of the room in high season is exorbitant and not at all justified in our eyes.

W Barcelona
Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
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