Air France emphasizes elegance and the French art of living in its new brand film

It was a week full of news for Air France, which not only presented a new business class cabin but also its new brand film.

Ascent for an upmarket positioning

Supposedly illustrating the airline’s upmarket positioning, it evokes an ascent, that of a woman climbing the Eiffel Tower, through scenes “symbolizing in turn different assets of the airline: the art of welcoming the whole world, the French haute cuisine offered on board or the attention paid to children during the trip.

To continue with the poetry of the press release:

“Arriving at the top of the tower, she crosses a sea of clouds with enchantment, evoking that timeless moment that can only be experienced in a plane.”

The music is “Les moulins de mon cœur” by Michel Legrand, performed by the French artist Juliette Armanet.

A declared ambition

Certainly it is a very beautiful film that wonderfully embodies the difference of Air France, its identity, its DNA, what makes it different from other companies.

Critics will certainly say that this is perhaps the way Air France sees itself or would like to be seen, and that there is still a long way to go from dream to reality.

In any case, it is in the line of the Air France Brand films, always very successful, out of sync with the competition… even if it means overselling the promise.

Cliché ? Did you say cliché?

This film is in line with the latest safety instructions of the airline and plays exactly in the same register.

Logical since Air France changed their agency in 2020 and it was time for the new one (TBWA) to put its mark on the entire image of the brand, wiping the slate clean of the vestiges of the past and bringing coherence to the whole thing.

Some will find thatall this accumulates clichés but we must not forget the target of this film which, in our opinion, is aimed more at foreign than French customers.

Proof of this is that the film will only be broadcast on the web in France, whereas it will be broadcast on TV, cinema and digital in Air France’s key markets, which are the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy and Germany. And it’s fair to say that it’s not only Air France’s image, but also that of France as a destination that these people want to see and that we all want to show them.

In any case, it is miles away from the first collaboration between TBWA and Air Francethat we found disastrous and we were not the only ones.


Air France has just presented its new brand film, a film that plays on the traditional themes of elegance and the French art of living.

As a Frenchman, we may find it a bit cliché but we have to admit that it promotes Air France and our country abroad.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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