Review : Renaissance Amsterdam

As part of a winter stay in the Dutch capital, we stayed at the Renaissance Amsterdam, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

A stay not really up to our expectations.


When booking a hotel room on the Internet, there are only two things to choose from: the photos on the hotel’s website on the one hand, and traveler reviews on the other. When the two, however attractive in this case, match, there is a problem … And this problem is to know who made the reviews and photos …

In any case, these two elements, as well as the reasonable price, pushed us to choose this hotel among the different options at Marriott for this romantic weekend, despite my very positive experience at the Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol. Mistake!


I arrived by plane from Paris, to join my wife who was already in Amsterdam for professional reasons, and who was sleeping at the Sheraton. Since we both love to grill and the Sheraton’s restaurant specializes in that, we’ll meet there and have dinner before heading downtown to the Renaissance.

Charming facade of the hotel

We arrive at the hotel on foot from the Amsterdam Central station (10 minutes maximum) and wait a few minutes before being taken care of.

The check-in will be done quickly, but there is no mention of my status. I understand here that I would not have much benefit. I ask (without being offered) to have breakfast as an Ambassador benefit and ask about the Club Lounge. In the receptionist’s eyes, I feel that I have asked a crazy question. But after checking, he tells me his location and gives us our room keys.

Hallways are already decorated for Christmas


The assigned room is located in one of the lower levels of the hotel. What we can say is that it is really a standard room…

The entrance is rather narrow and gives on the bathroom which is… of another age! And what’s more, not cleaned properly.
Difficult to make a smaller bathroom
The shower and its curtain are really ignoble
And the curtain would greatly deserve to be changed

The room is also narrow and low-ceilinged. The bed is quite comfortable, but we don’t have much room to move around.

The king size bed, very comfortable

The windows are small, the whole is very dark. Not very pleasant for a winter weekend.

The decoration is not so bad, but the old carpet spoils everything

A welcome service with chocolates and a bottle of red wine was left for us.

A welcome service that is nevertheless complete and contrasts with the level of service in the rest of the property

The short video tour:

Hotel facilities

Spa and fitness

The hotel does not have a spa, but a large fitness room on the first floor.

The entrance to the fitness room
The place is rather luxurious, and it contrasts with the rest of the hotel

We will not use these facilities during our stay.

The room is very well equipped
… And not only in equipment for runners!

Club Lounge

The club lounge is located on the first floor of the property.

The entrance to the Club Lounge
Some cosy spaces, taken by storm at happy hour

We won’t be there at meal times, but the space is quite small and not very appealing. During the day, hot and cold drinks are available.

The space is limited and the carpet is… I have no words
The TV is always at full blast in the lounges of American chain hotels
Drinks well kept in the fridge
Water is available in bottles and fountains… Why ?


Given the lack of inventiveness of the menu, we will not have lunch or dinner at the hotel’s restaurant.

However, we will have breakfast there… And how to say… I think that the word “factory” remains the most appropriate! A cerberus checks to see if your breakfast is included. I’m obviously not on the list of Platinum customers… Since I’m an Ambassador and you have to go to page 2.

But this gentleman prefers to send us to the reception and redo the whole queue since he can’t find us on the list. I insist that I will have the breakfast charge removed from the bill anyway!

We end up being seated and there, how to say…

Between the deafening noise and the almost empty buffet (there was still a good hour left on the breakfast slot), you don’t want to stay long!

The scrambled eggs were of poor quality
Beans and their drippings, bon appétit of course!
The bacon has been marinating for over 4 hours in this bell
The sausages even had time to stick to the dish
The rest of the hot buffet, almost empty
You might wonder what a mushroom soup does for breakfast? Unless it is oatmeal?
The waffles are all dried out
These little pancakes were not bad
The selection of cold cuts, although well presented, is of rather poor quality
Only the excellent salmon (taken by storm at each refill) will have grace in my eyes
The excellent bread makes up for it a bit
The buffet of pastries, almost empty
The juices, not very qualitative (and certainly not fresh)

The food is good, but once again the Dutch service has struck!


We will benefit from the late check-out and will reach Schiphol in the late afternoon for our return flight. The departure formalities will be carried out without hindrance, since there is no interaction with the Mobile Check-out.

Bottom line

American-style rooms and Dutch-style service.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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