ALoft Bolingbrook: A good renovation is necessary

Continuation of my North American journey around Chicago, with today the ALoft of Bolingbrook. This hotel is located near a commercial area and is easily accessible from I-355. A little less convenient than the Sheraton previously presented, but chosen for testing purposes for TravelGuys, obviously.


I made the reservation on the SPG website, as usual. Price is quite high for the region, a little more than $160+tax, surely the premium to the so-called trendy brand.
The corporate code did not help.


The arrival was smooth. The establishment, located in a commercial area, has a large parking lot that allows easy and free parking. The welcome was brief and cordial, the keys given in a few seconds. On the other hand, and as in my last 4 or 5 experiences, the SPG Keyless feature did not work during the stay, and obviously, the staff is neither familiar with it nor encouraged to use it. Duly noted.
At last, no upgrade, but I expected that given the amount of consultant in the area hungry for points and status.


The assigned room overlooked the interior of the hotel. It is quite small and the equipment is basic. I know it’ s ALoft, but the feeling of cheapness is palpable.
The entrance has a shelf protected by a curtain as a cupboard

The bathroom lacks maintenance and leaves much to be desired. The colors are not harmonious.

The desk space is quite small, and an electrical box is placed on top and takes up too much space.

The television is large, but there is no remote control to turn it on. No remote control will be brought to me despite two phone calls to the reception.

The bed is not super comfortable, despite appearances.

Above all, the sleeping comfort is very bad and this for two reasons:

  • The noise of the air conditioning is insane, due to the advanced age of the air conditioning units
  • The curtains were very damaged, not hiding enough the light of the day and the neon lights of the neighboring signs at night

To finish, a virtual visit of the room in video:

Lobby and common areas

As in all ALoft, the decoration of the lobby is very successful. The reception area is reduced to a minimum and associated with the restaurant area.
The bar and relaxation area is larger and allows you to work quietly or have a drink with colleagues or friends.

The hotel also has a small swimming pool in a separate building, and a small but well equipped gym. The number of visitors is limited and it is possible to access a machine even at “peak” times in the morning and evening.


I only tried the breakfast restaurant during this stay: the prices are very reasonable, and the breakfast sandwiches are succulent because they are prepared at the minute by a cook. As far as room serviceis concerned, the menu seems to consist of reheated food. Skip it: even the nearby chain restaurants will be better.


During my stay, I used the laundry service. Please note that even though this is not a full service hotel, you will pay the same price here as in a Sheraton, a Westin or a W.
For a rather poor cleaning quality. Again, if at all possible, skip it.


The departure formalities were simple, the invoice sent by e-mail and printed.


A promise of design a little usurped given the room proposed, and which is confirmed only in the lobby. The staff is lovely but can’t do much. The rooms deserve a good renovation and the prices are really exorbitant considering the experience offered.

Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier Delestre-Levai
Olivier has been into airline blogging since 2010. First a major contributor to the FlyerTalk forum, he created the FlyerPlan website in July 2012, and writes articles with a major echo among airline specialists. He now co-runs the TravelGuys blog with Bertrand, focusing on travel experience and loyalty programs.

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