A debrief of my weekend in Strasbourg

A fast look back at my recent weekend in Strasbourg and Colmar, with the choices that made sense, those that didn’t and things I could or should have done more of.

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I had decided to try out Deutsche Bahn’s ICE high-speed trains, and I have to admit it was a real disappointment. Perhaps the restaurant car is a little nicer than the SNCF one, but the rest is really below par, especially the first-class hard product, which is really cheap.



The Maison Rouge hotel proved to be a good choice thanks to its location and high level of general comfort. But if, for once, a hotel bar has found favor in my eyes, certain disappointments remain.

The gym, in particular, is poorly equipped and unworthy of a property of this level, and the spa is not only rather minimalist, but also has to be paid for by hotel guests, even those with a high status in the loyalty program. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this!

Food options


Two satisfactions and one half-disappointment.

Let’s start with the satisfactions: Au Crocodile and Chez Yvonne totally lived up to my expectations, albeit in two totally different styles. Gastronomic and Michelin-starred for one, simple and traditional for the other.

The half-disappointment was Miro. If the food was up to the praise I’ve heard about it, the service was really slow and hesitant to such an extent that I was deeply bored, on the verge of falling asleep and quickly finished the last dishes in order to get it over with as quickly as possible.



My visits to Strasbourg and Colmar more than lived up to my expectations. It’s true that they’re quite compact and can be visited quickly and easily.

Of course, the highlights were Strasbourg’s cathedral and Petite France, and Colmar’s old town and Petite Venise. Special mention must also go to Strasbourg’s Musée des Beaux Arts and its rich and varied collection.

With a little more time, or if the weather hadn’t been so worrying at times, there are things I could have added to my itinerary and saved for a future trip.

In Strasbourg, the Musée de l’Oeuvre Notre Dame and its collection of decorative arts complements that of the museum of the same name, the Musée Historique tells the story of the city and, of course, a boat trip on the River Ill to discover the city from a new perspective.

In Colmar, I might go to the Toy Museum, but I’d definitely take a tour of Little Venice on the Water and visit the Unterlinden Museum.

Bottom line

A well-constructed itinerary which, apart from one or two details, gave me total satisfaction.

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