Not one but five new liveries for Icelandair

Icelandic airline Icelandair has given itself a facelift by revamping the livery of its aircraft, announcing not one but five new liveries.

Icelandic-inspired liveries

The airline has drawn on its unique landscapes, nature and the famous Northern Lights to define the colors that will henceforth be displayed on the fuselage of its aircraft.

Northern Blue: the northern lights
Magenta: the creative power of Iceland
Sky Blue: Iceland’s summer sky
Yellow: the sun reflecting on waterfalls
Green: life even after the hardest events.

In concrete terms, the result is as follows.

The airline hopes that by the end of next month, each color will be present on the tail of at least one aircraft.

An original approach? Well, not that much, at least not by Icelandair.

Icelandair has been more creative in the past

After all, while offering five different liveries is original, the format is less so, with a single design available in a variety of colors. All the more so since this design is close to what we’re seeing more and more of today: a white fuselage with the airline’s name in large letters, and the distinctive logo and colors on the tail of the aircraft.

In the past, Icelandair has been much more creative, really changing the codes of the sector with aircraft that will remain as they are without receiving the new livery.

This is Vatnajökull, painted after a glacier.

Aurora which, as its name suggests, represents the northern lights.

And last but not least, Þingvellir, which represents Iceland’s national flag.

Bottom line

As in the past, Icelandair has drawn inspiration from nature to design its new aircraft liveries, but the result is ultimately more conventional than what we’ve seen in the past.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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