Will your plane crash?

Despite being the safest means of transportation in the world, planes continue to worry a large number of passengers.

As strange as it may seem, there are indeed people who find it anxiety-provoking to be propelled at 980km/h at an altitude of 10 000m in a pressurized metal tube while the outside temperature is -56°.

Nothing like statistics to reassure oneself

For those there is an application on iOs which according to the airline, the airport of departure, destination and the type of aircraft tells them what is the risk of suffering an air crash.

It’ s AmIGoingDown?

Test on my last vacation:

Flying by A340 on Lufthansa from Frankfurt is safe, but arriving in Hong Kong is, to my great surprise, a bit more risky.

In the end, nothing to worry about: 1 chance out of 9 066 888 to crash. Well, you will tell me that if I fly on the wrong day, the crash rate for me will be 100%.

Ideas for adventurous travelers

However, as I know there are some daredevils among you, I suggest that thrill seekers try the infamous Lion Air.

It is known that air safety in Indonesia is not known to be the best in the world. Lion Air is known for crashing planes on a regular basis and I’ll spare you the Boeing 737 MAX setbacks.

So flying in Indonesia on a Lion Air 737 MAX is ….an experience to live (or die).

This is a 1 in 313,505 chance of ending up with your nose in the alfalfa.

More chance of having a plane crash than winning the lottery

As a comparison your chances of winning the lottery are :

Well…you are twice as likely to have a plane crash than to become a millionaire!

In any case there is a market for it since the app is sold 3,49€.

Photo : Air Crash by Andrii Vodolazhskyi via Shutterstock

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