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If you’re not familiar with Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, you’re probably familiar with its famous infinity pool, which is said to be one of the most photographed in the world. It is impossible to go for a short stay in the city-state without trying the establishment at least once.

The access to the hotel from the airport is quite fast by cab. The night is falling on the city when I arrive, I contort myself on my seat to see the famous silhouette of the establishment which finally appears.

I might as well tell you right away that we are far from the discretion and non-ostentatious luxury that are the hallmarks of many renowned establishments of the same standing. Here you enter a very crowded space and the hotel lobby looks more like an airport lobby than a hotel lobby. Normal: the hotel has 2500 rooms.

Having to book at the last minute I had to take a “club room”. The wallet wasn’t necessarily happy, but even if it was an experience, it was a blessing in disguise. The room is located on the upper floors with a “bay view” much more pleasant than the view of the ocean and the boats that crowd the entrance to the port. Another interest: a private check-in in a dedicated office which saves me the long queues where other tourists are massing.

I hasten to take possession of my room. Video tour.


Spacious and very comfortable room. Absolutely nothing to complain about. And the view is so stunning with the floor-to-ceiling glass walls that one is tempted to sleep with the curtains open to enjoy it.

A shower later, direction the Skypark, platform put on the 3 towers which constitute the hotel. There are bars and restaurants open to all, as well as an area with a bar, a restaurant and the famous swimming pool, reserved for hotel guests. It is therefore possible to watch the pool from afar, but to get close to it and dive in, you have to stay at the hotel.

This is also where the “club” is located, where residents of the “Club Room” enjoy a number of free services including a business center and breakfast.

Even at night (or maybe especially at night), the first contact with the Infinity Pool is impressive. One imagines oneself without problem joining the others in water, a cocktail in the hand, to admire the illuminated city which extends under our eyes. But I’ll settle for a more conventional dinner, as the 12-hour flight is starting to take its toll.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour
Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour
Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour

Located on Marina Bay, the hotel is a bit out of the way from the city center. Nothing to worry about as it is served by the metro which stops right underneath and, moreover, cabs are one of the few things that are cheap in Singapore. Walking to the city center is a pleasant way to discover the city on the first day. Then we will return with pleasure to more traditional means of locomotion.

Underneath the hotel is a large shopping mall with a number of restaurants, some of which are gourmet, as we shall see later. Gambling enthusiasts will also find one of the largest casinos in the world. On the other hand, there is something incongruous about the small navigable canal where you can take a gondola ride. Too small, too “gadgety” in my opinion. Either they had to go bigger and take inspiration from the Venetian in Las Vegas or do nothing. Here it looks “cheap” in a hotel that has higher ambitions. Neither up to the standard of the hotel nor to that of the shopping center and its many luxury boutiques.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour

Now let’s talk about the hotel’s restaurants and numerous bars. Of course I couldn’t try everything but the feeling is globally good with a downside however. In the hotel you will find a varied and complete range of restaurants, not to mention the many restaurants in the shopping mall. Now, as I said on the first impression, even if it is good and sometimes very good I have the impression that we often sacrificed the ostentatious side to a real high-end product. It’s good but it lacks the “signature” aspect both in restaurants and bars.

Of course some famous chefs have opened a restaurant in the gallery, not in the hotel as such. I really enjoyed my dinner at Guy Savoy but it has since closed.

We will not deprive ourselves, of course to return to benefit from the swimming pool of day. Without question, it is the number one attraction of the hotel. And rightly so.


Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour


Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour

The atmosphere is pleasant, the music not deafening and, precisely, for those in search of tranquility, a whole part of the pool is reserved for adults while the other end has facilities dedicated to children.

Small overview of the set.

According to other friends who stayed there I was lucky: sometimes the pool is much more crowded until it becomes unpleasant to use.

Conclusion : The Marina Bay Sands is a must try but…

Finally, does the Marina Bay Sands keep all its promises and is it necessary to go there?

My answer is “yes but”.

Yes, because in terms of experience you absolutely have to go once. Skypark and Infinity Pool are among Singapore’s top attractions, and the hotel itself has a prominent place in the city’s spotlight. But you don’t need to be a customer to see it and visit it, whereas you do to access the pool.

Nothing to say about the rooms or the service. The restaurant offering is good and varied. Yes, but…

In wanting to sacrifice too much to gigantism and to show off to a wealthy Chinese clientele, we sometimes fall into bad taste. Don’t look for the small lounge for a quiet cocktail, the restaurant for a romantic meal. Everything is gigantic and noisy and the small “lounge & signature” which could have largely found its place if not the main theme of the hotel is written off.

So yes, the Marina Bay Sands is an experience to be had and I recommend spending at least one or two nights there. On the other hand, for a longer stay or a second stay, there are plenty of quality places in Singapore where you will have an equally good but different experience, with more tranquility and a more discreet but largely more effective charm. Luxury on a human scale…

Then it all depends on what you are looking for. Definitely worth a try. Not everyone will want to make it their go-to place.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapour
Marina Bay Sands – Singapour

And a small slide show to finish…

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