Flydubai introduces a nice business suite on its 737s

Flydubai has just presented the new business class that will equip some of its Boeings 737. Exceptionally for single-aisle aircraft, this is a private suite in a 1-1 configuration.

The progressive improvement of business class on single-aisle aircraft

For a long time, single-aisle aircraft have been the poor cousins of cabin design, especially in business, and especially in Europe. The only exceptions are the American airlines (domestic first, a somewhat misleading name for a business class), the Asians and, a European exception, Turkish Airlines.

Some examples:

American Airlines A321 transcontinental
Singapore Airlines 737 MAX

On the one hand, customers were becoming more demanding, even for single-aisle aircraft usually intended for medium-haul flights. On the other hand, these same single-aisle aircraft have seen their capacities improve and some are now capable of operating on long-haul routes, which requires an adapted level of comfort.

So we have seen the arrival of 2-2 configurations, with alternating 2-2 and 1-1, 1-1 and full flat seats. But to this day, private suites remain the privilege of the two-aisle aircraft.

flydubai’s B737 business suite

C’est avec Safran que la compagnie du Golfe a collaboré, sur la base du produit VUE du fabricant de sièges.

These are all individual suites, closed by sliding doors.

They feature 17.3-inch 4K displays and offer various outlets and even wireless charging.

When in bed position the seat is 775 inches or 1.96m.

But this cabin, which will enter service in early 2024, will equip only six aircraft, mainly intended for the longest and most premium routes. The other aircraft will still be equipped with the current product, based on the Thompson Aero Vantage seat, available in both recliner and full flat.

Bottom line

Flydubai is going to equip some of its B737 with very nice private suites in business class, which is one more step in the premiumization of single-aisle cabins that can be seen almost everywhere, except in Europe with rare exceptions.

Bertrand Duperrin
Bertrand Duperrin
Compulsive traveler, present in the French #avgeek community since the late 2000s and passionate about (long) travel since his youth, Bertrand Duperrin co-founded Travel Guys with Olivier Delestre in March 2015.

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